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Thursday, July 13, 2006


Last night was a long night...all because of those goddamn examinations that are dooming my merrily summer days, that I basically don't like with all the people and the heat and the humidity here in Japan. Enough complaints.

With a lot of agendas in my mind, my studying wasn't as efficient as I had hoped. I think I was able to finish about the 1/4 of the sections I am being tested on Civil Law and the rest of the time was spent on reviewing of the Linguistics class. As a result, I went to bed at around 3:45 last night or better said...this morning.

But fortunately, I think I did fairly well on my Linguistics test that took place today. Even better when compared with a relative aspect. Apparently, a lot of people were expecting an easy exam from the character of our professor, but the exam was an exam, no matter how nice the teacher is. It was based on logics and explanations and I believe that people had to study to a certain extent in order to pass it with an appropriate score.

I am writing this from the media center, using the spare time I was able to make from an early dismissal from the Linguistics exam. I have still got an Economic science class I have to attend and a lot more studying afterwards...sigh.
However, I was able to enjoy a small leeway out of reality in a Starbucks in Hiyoshi after my Economic science class. As the rumor said, they were having their 5th anniversary there with a bunch of special events and an original Frappuchino. The place was filled with live jazz performance which was a bit too loud, but it added on some specialty to the environment there. My stay there was a bit shorter than the length I would've wanted, but it was fun anyhow...thanx! :)


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