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Monday, July 03, 2006


Third consecutive day at work. I was in charge of phone calls like in a way I always am lately, but the amount of it was tremendous with an unprecedented number. It is a well known fact that the amount of phone calls increase on Mondays since many contact lens shops and eye doctors (a.k.a. ophthalmologists in a technical term) are closed on Sundays and those calls are transferred over to those present on Monday.

I briefly wrote that I had to make 30 phone calls throughout my 7 hour-long shift today at work. It wasn't that difficult but nevertheless, it was quite tiring since not all customers take the call on my first attempt and sometimes, 2 or more calls are necessary to confirm the information necessary to ship the right product or products to them on time. Without this effort, I may end up inputting wrong data of the products into the terminal and this may result in complaints.

Anyway, I can probably bet you that this is a record breaker for all of the employees there and it will remain a record for a substantial amount of time. Period.


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