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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Yesterday was such an ordinary day that I didn't have enough materials to compose an entry. The happenings yesterday completely overlapped with the events that occurred last Tuesday with an exception of the seminar orientation. On the other hand, today was filled with fun, excitement and joy.

My Civil Law class felt a bit more interesting than usual since my motivation was a lot higher because of an approaching exam, but this is not the part of the day that brought me all the fun and excitement. Although it was a sudden appointment, I walked, ate, drank, bowled and drank again in various areas of Tokyo with someone special after school.

First, we got off at Daikanyama station, but with no specific agenda on our minds. This condition brought us all the way to Shibuya station, but in order to make it on our reservation, we walked back to this famous cafe in Daikanyama filled with chairs designed by Philippe Starck to have dinner. The atmosphere there was really nice and the food there was great as well, although we could have ordered a bit too much.

After dinner, we walked back to Shibuya station again and played air hockey and bowling there. I had a lot of confidence with my air hockey techniques, but somehow, I ended up in a tie...pooey. The only game we bowled resulted in an average score for both of us. Last but not least, we visited "Cafe de Copain", located at Spain-zaka and had a drink there along with a pleasant conversation.

Even though it was really sudden like I mentioned before, without a doubt, I was able to enjoy those 6.5 hours fully. This would sure motivate us both toward the upcoming exams, right? Apparently, there seems to be a "bonus stage" coming up tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to that as well!


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