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Saturday, June 17, 2006

the hub

Today was the first of few "official" convivial meetings I had planned prior to our departure to the United Kingdom. I will write all about it tomorrow when I have the stamina to do so.

...and here came tomorrow. Like all Saturdays, I had work from 9 to 17. Personally, it would have been a lot more convenient if we could have held this meeting on some other day, but I had to follow democratic procedures as the chief and democracy ruled out all the other possibilities.

As I presumed, work ended at 17. I dashed to Minatomirai Station and took the limited express to Shibuya. There, I witnessed a typical pedestrian hell...people were everywhere and it took me about 5 minutes to advance 200m from the gates to the Hachiko plaza.

Even though I had notified everyone that the rendezvous point was the Hachiko plaza, there were way too many people to reserve ourselves a space necessary to confirm all 39 participants of the meeting...bloody hell. However, thanks to the support of the earlycomers with their ideas and stuff, the plan worked out pretty smoothly despite my outlook and we were able to be there on time.

The Hub was also a chaotic place to party around in a party of 39. The place was a lot smaller than I had originally imagined and it was a difficult environment to know everyone given the amount of people there, but I believe that I was able to accomplish the original objective of this meeting. I, myself was able to memorize 17 of the members additionally there and I assume others were able to do so as well.

This is not the end of my journey as the "head" of this team, but I sort of enjoyed myself organizing this opportunity and I think the group itself is rather easy to handle. My ultimate goal is for everyone to at least understand the basic backgrounds and personalities of all the participants and I hope the upcoming meetings will add on to today's accomplishment and achieve this. Phew.


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