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Sunday, June 11, 2006

a long day

It was a long day today...a weird mixture of various events. Like most Saturdays, I had work from 9 today in Yokohama. Compared to usual business days there, we had a bit more ordering forms. However, the managers managed to make us go home at 17 like always. At work, I was daydreaming most of the time about one particular subject and had absolutely no interest toward work. I wonder why...a lot of wondering lately for some reason.

After work, I had a class party with my English classmates in Shibuya. The weird part about today's class party was that it was a joint party of last year and this year's Mr. McLynn's classes, but it was meaningful since I got to know this year's classmates a lot better through interaction.

By the way, I walked to Yokohama Station from my office in Minatomirai with my colleagues. I remembered that it was a lot farther last time, but from the obvious change in landscape, that walk felt a lot shorter. I can start saving money by walking from now on...yay!


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