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Sunday, June 04, 2006

shitte station lol

Last night, I ended up staying up all night for one particular was quite enjoyable though, unlike endless night of desperateness before exams and stuff. 5 hours flied while the sky steadily brightened itself to notify the arrival of morning.

Believe it or not, I went to bed at 6 today and was forcibly brought up by my parents at 8. Although I had work from 15, I was made a volunteer to assist the cleaning of my grandaunt's place. She passed away alone a couple of months ago and my grandfather was her only blood relative. Additionally, he was the one who inherited all of her assets.

We didn't get much work done today though, since we ended up talking most of the time at my grandaunt's house in Yokohama. I left her house at 14 and got to work. Sunday is the easiest day of the week because we don't have any time limitations. I was hoping to get rid of all the ordering forms today, but telephone calls interrupted me from my ambitions.

Tomorrow's work...again. Recently, I'm not enjoying work as much as I used to as a result of my adjustment. Nonetheless, there aren't many options available that pays off this well. Endurance is the key.


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