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Sunday, May 28, 2006


I went all the way south to Miura City to take TOEIC today. I remember all those memories I made in this town when I was in preschool. It was the place I went digging for potatoes. It was the place I went to grab some tangerines. It was the place I went field tripping to a marine park in Aburatsubo. Yes, as you can see..all my rural memories. Inconvenience is the one and only word that can explain my way there. I wonder why the administration began setting up testing centers there.

The test itself felt a lot easier than my last try in 2001 which is probably one of the signs confirming maturity of my English skills. TOEIC uses a lot of business letters and phrases for its problems and that was the part I had difficulty in 5 years ago...I was a middle schooler then. But now, I understood most of the expressions I found in their problems. The only difficulty I experienced was the listening. No, it wasn't like I was totally screwed with it, but some of the accents introduced in this renewal was pretty to comprehend.

Overall, I think I did quite well this time...I may not need another round after all. I did double check all of the reading problems and didn't recognize any errors in them. If I answered all the listening problems perfectly like last time, than I would get a 100%. Hehe.

By the way, are TOEIC scores as widely accepted in other English speaking nations as in Japan??


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