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Saturday, May 20, 2006


On the paper today, it said that the island of Honshu is receiving 30% less sunlight than the statistical average this month. Residing on it, I knew something was wrong with the weather this year, but I guess my senses are proven.

With a weird meteorological trend this year, the weather was weird again today. A high likeliness of a downpour resulting from the instability of the atmosphere popped up flood warnings all over the region this afternoon. In fact, I sort of remember observing heavy rainfall from my office in Yokohama at around 3PM.

But it was quite pleasant in the evening after the storm passed. On the train home, I saw a beautiful, vivid rainbow along with a clear blue sky, which is something I was unable to see for a while now. On the opposite side of the sky, there was a beautiful sunset slowly setting into the horizon. It was a beautiful the time I got off the train, the rainbow was slowing disappearing in a way sun was. I wish I could've taken a better picture of it.

At night, I went to this Italian restaurant nearby which is probably famous between people who are connoisseur of food. The food there was great like always. It's always interesting to observe the master there. He seems a bit difficult at first, but visit after visit, his service becomes more and more fulfilling. Even though, the place is always filled with customers. Interesting.

Tomorrow, I am going to take the graduation exam at my driving school... a big day. Finally, I may be able to end this quest that is taking me forever to finish. Wish me luck!


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