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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

time is running out

In an immensely popular freepaper called R25, there was this article on what us Japanese call "May Syndrome". Since fiscal year begins in April here, a lot of people are excessively motivated in April. However, around May, a lot of people get a negative rebound of that. That is the reason why it is called "May Syndrome". So, I tried one of the stress checks on that article and the picture above was my result. Bloody hell...I knew I was a bit depressed, but I wasn't expecting it to be this bad.

Anyway, today was even more busier than a typical Tuesday. Like always, 2 uninteresting periods of French, followed by Constitutional Law and Civil Law classes. I was glad that I was able to achieve significant amount of understanding in Civil Law class which I had a lot of difficulty understanding the past few weeks. Constitutional Class was fulfilling like usual...but God, those classes felt long today. It could be one of the symptoms warning me of a possible case of "May Syndrome". I have lived through well and I'm not going to ruin that record because of a fictitious "syndrome".

After school, I drove for first time in 4 months today at my driving school which I must graduate by the 3rd of June. With a huge interval and upcoming deadline, I was really under pressure before class. Luckily, I had a kind instructor today, giving me all sorts of advice prior, during and after class. Yay.

With a minimum of one class left, I just hope everything goes well on my next pre-test. I don't understand why ended up taking this long though. Besides, I don't really have the necessity to drive at the moment anyway, but if I fail to finish this curriculum on time, I will end up wasting 300,000 yen and that is A LOT of money.

In chaotic urban avenues, you are always trapped between life and death. I have made another reservation tomorrow. A nice instructor and favorable traffic conditions allowed me to live through another day, but who knows what is going to happen tomorrow?

We'll wait and see. lol


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