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Saturday, May 13, 2006

orientation on cambridge

A busy day once again.

This morning, I had to go take this test on traffic rules and stuff at my driving school. My deadline is closing in and I must finish my course ASAP....I never expected myself to be like this when I first began this fruitless "conquest".

After successfully passing the test filled with questions asking me about the smallest, most meaningless details, I went back to Yokohama Station and headed for Mita Campus where an orientation for my summer school program was going to take place.

The orientation had an introduction and some of the usual yada-yadas related to the program, but it was also my first opportunity to meet and interact with people that composed our "delegation". Most of the members were in their sophomore years and that fact comforted me greatly. People were from various faculties and it was a fresh experience for me, since my social relationships were mostly with people majoring law.

Believe it or not, I voluntarily accepted being the group leader for the whole, I must create some chances for people to interact prior to the program, so everyone won't end up not knowing everyone in Britain.

Mr. Armour's presentation was fantastic. He was one of the professors in Keio University who graduated from Cambridge and he gave us a presentation on all the facts and knowledge on Cambridge.

Anyway, I did have some chance to talk to and know some people today, after the orientation. Since my friend had some friends, I was able to make friends who were friends of my friend. A confusing sentence, but you know what I mean. Additionally, I got some cell numbers and e-mail addresses from about 10 people.

Today's orientation gave me a lot more anticipation toward the program than any other previous events. Although I did say I felt that time was accelerating, upcoming 2 months are probably going to be one of the slowest ones in my life. I just can't wait!! :)

And if I lose it all
There'd be nothing left to lose
And I would take the fall


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