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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

slowly reaching my goal

It was an awkward day in school today. Even though I was supposed to have 2 periods of class today, my Constitutional Law class on 3rd period was cancelled and I was thrown out on to the campus with nothing to do. Fortunately, I had a friend to spend this blank with and we had a late lunch at the cafeteria we seldom (are able to) use. After this and that, 3rd period was over with the chime and we went to our Civil Law class together.

Compared to the other Civil Law class on Tuesdays, this Civil Law classes are a lot less hassle understanding with a comprehensible explanation and an easy-to-follow resume.

After school, I went to my driving school again like yesterday to finish my final period. To be honest, I wasn't expecting myself to successfully pass my pretest on my first try since I had a 4 month interval. However, despite this apparently long gap I've created due to my laziness, my instructor gave me eligibility to take the graduation exam.

The instructor I had yesterday told me that with the circumstance I am in, he would've added on additional training session if he was the instructor in charge of my pretest. It was a bit critical really, because it would've costed me 4,725 yen more to reserve another class.

With the approval, I went over to the counter and reserved my graduation exam on Sunday. This exam is a lot more harsh than the pretest I took today since there are various factors that will fail you in a single attempt. I assume a lot more image training would be necessary before it.

Even though I do have the right to drive publicly with my permit, I don't have the guts to drive on the narrow streets of my hometown.


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