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Sunday, May 21, 2006


I was successfully able to pass the graduation exam at my driving school today on my first attempt. Traffic condition was really suitable for the exam in Central Yokohama this morning and it was probably worth the price, taking the exam on a Sunday morning, sacrificing my sleep hours.

My group had three examinees including me, each with unique habits of driving. Personally, I thought I was the best from my observation of the examiner's attitude. He pointed out the least amount of stuff out of us three to me, which under my interpretation, is a good sign.

Although I did fairly well on the road, I screwed up twice with the parallel parking tryout. Through my driving hours, I memorized the procedures that will get me in the space well. No, I didn't forget those procedures from the pressure and anxiety resulting from the exam. On the course of my driving school, there are these "poles" placed on the edge of the parallel parking space, indicating the space you have to get in. These "poles" also act as a guide in the actual act and the instructors taught us the points to turn the steering wheel the first time, the second time and so on.

So, with the steps memorized inside my mind, I made my first attempt, but I mistakenly used the different pole as my sign which obviously brought out different, failed results. For some reason, I made this mistake twice, but I successfully parked the car on my third attempt.

The regulation states that you can only make three attempts for the tryout, but I didn't have the specific number with me during the exam, so I thought I failed my exam at first. However, somehow I managed to pass...lucky me.

After I got my graduation certificate, I got a haircut to prepare myself for a "good-looking" driver's license. lol All I have to do now is to pass the written test conducted by the Kanagawa Police. Finally, after 9 months of numerous, unreasonable procedures and a payment of 300,000 yen, I am about to get my hands on my right to drive. Yay!


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