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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

license center

When I first began taking the ridiculously overpriced, mandatory curriculum leading me to acquisition of my driver's license last September, I was really motivated, looking forward to the day when I can finally drive alone. That day has finally came today.

Since my Civil Law class was closed due to my professor's attendance in an institution, I have decided to make a visit to the final stop in my quest for a driver's license; Kanagawa Prefectural Driver's License Center.

I was rather busy last night organizing a plan for a convivial meeting, so I didn't have the time or the will to study for the written exam that is placed on all drivers at their final stage. This exam consists of 95 problems, asking the examinees about all sorts of traffic rules and regulations and you must get a minimum of 90% in order to pass this exam which is a necessary procedure for license execution.

Fortunately, as the result I've written shows, I was able to get a 96% on the exam and I have finally put an end to this issue that had been dragging me behind for a while now. Now, as a newbie driver, I would like to proclaim my determination to obey the traffic rules and be a safe driver under the law...for a year. lol


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