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Saturday, May 27, 2006

toeic, tomorrow

Far out, I can hear the rumbling of fireworks explosions...according to some sources, there is a festival in Odawara today which is a city that is about 50km away from my house. It's surprising that such auditory phenomenon is observable here.

I had work today like any other Saturday. Since my training session on Monday, I am on my own with phone calls. I wish this fact will bring me closer to a raise I am really anticipated toward to. My contract is supposed to be renewed in June, so this timing sort of makes sense, right? lol

From exhaustion, I slept really early last night...I think it was around 9. Tomorrow's a big day for me...sort of. I am going to have a trial round of TOEIC in Miura city. Their problems are renewed from this round and I would like to know where my English skills are, compared to my last attempt in 2001. TOEIC score is crucial for your accession and I would like to get the highest score I can possibly get with my current English skills.

My score from my previous try is still valid, but I strongly believe that I can do even more better with my current English ability. BTW, my last score was 920 and I was in the top 1 percentile or something. Personally, I am hoping to get around 950 this time and will try to reach 975+ before my employment season that begins in junior year.

I absolutely adore the expression "none of your business". Perfect example, eh?


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