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Saturday, June 03, 2006


After I came home last night, or better said, this "morning", I was able to successfully finish my assignment in a record time: an A4 essay in 20 minutes. Fulfilled by the amount of accomplishment I was able to achieve today, I went straight to bed. Unfortunately, I failed to wake up this morning and ended up being 15 minutes late for my class. A minor fault, but acceptable...right? lol

Fridays' classes are relatively easy and less critical compared to those on other days, so I am a lot more relaxed in a good way. Following the usual classes, I went to an electronics store in Yokohama to do some chores for my mother. 7 years are about to pass ever since my family moved back to Japan and a lot of home appliances we purchased upon our new life in Japan are in bad shape.

Since our electronic water heater thingy broke down the day before yesterday, I bought a new one and brought it back all the way home. This new one's got a lot of new, high-tech features that we didn't have on our old model.


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