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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


There's nothing worse than a sudden day off from school. This sort of occurrence only reverberates boredom in your daily life. With the sudden cancellation of all classes from the finals of Tokyo Big6 Baseball League, I stayed home all day cleaning today. I should have filled in one of the available shifts at work instead. Only if I have known before work ended yesterday...tough luck.

Basically, I disgust weird, unreasonable traditions that are exercised only because of its history. If I was a full time worker or something, I would have cherished this sort of day off, but I am a college student for crying out loud! I have already got enough spare time I am having difficulty consuming...even if you do have things you want to do, you need certain amount of expenditure in order to do so.

With a tight budget in preparation for my payment of Cambridge program, I don't have the leeway to spend my money on stupid stuff, even my balance is fulfilling momentarily. As long as you are home, then you won't have to use your money, right? Besides cleaning, I cleaned my house, listening to Z100; a radio station I always listened to when I was in New Jersey. They aired some new hits I wasn't really familiar with and it was helpful for me to catch up with the latest trends in the music industry of the United States.

Not as productive as I have hoped, but was interesting...sort of. On the news, the DJs were talking about this British radio station that stopped airing songs of James Blunt from its repetitiveness. Weird story, huh?


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