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Saturday, June 03, 2006

@faculty lounge

A writing workshop specialized for the participants of the Downing College summer school program was held at Raiosha today. Many of the things my teacher pointed out today was familiar from the writing classes I took during my high school ages. Even today, I still adore those fabulous, practical English classes of SFC High. Still, I deemed that today's class was really helpful in reviewing many of the essential aspects of English writing.

As the student leader, I have planned a social meeting after this class today. With assistance from my teacher, I was able to book the Faculty Lounge in Raiosha building which is an exclusive restaurant for the professors and faculties of the university.

30 out of 60 members of this program were there and we talked about various things...I think. I assume that I have made an error in seating: most of the girls were concentrated in one of the tables and apparently, their solidarity is a lot more difficult to disband.

There were people of all sorts at my table and it was difficult to find a topic that interested all of them. After a while, we ended up muting ourselves from incompatibility. However, I guess everyone got to know each other a lot better on some aspects and about 2/3 of the participants today moved on to a second "meeting" in Hiyoshi.

My faction had 11 members, most of them deriving from my table, but our locations were shuffled in the restaurant we went in. I was able to have a smoother conversation at the restaurant, since many people there had similar interests.

Overall, although I did make few mistakes today, I was adequately satisfied from today's meet. Our next meet which I am planning to do in about 2 weeks, I wish I can handle this task with more precision and confidence.


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