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Thursday, June 08, 2006


I have never been that not concentrated. Today, I had absolutely no attention toward the professor in my Civil Law class...this probably is what it feels like to be "gogatsu-byo" or in my case, "rokugatsu-byo".
Somehow, I ended up in Maihama after class to revitalize myself with youth and excitement. Obviously, if you understand Japanese geography, you would probably understand the name of a certain facility I replaced with the word "Maihama".
To be honest, without a doubt, I had a lot of fun there. Since a significant amount of time has passed ever since I rode some of the attractions we went on today, today's rides were quite memorable. Plus, we were lucky enough to encounter the parade too. Last, but not least, the overall condition there was acceptable and we managed to take a ride on 6 attractions in total.

Apparently, from the use of the word "we", you can see how I went there in a group. However, I don't specifically remember who I was there with...hmmm. You can also see how I'm lying, like always.

This whole post could be a result of my daydreaming and these images could be from a mental projection of my virtual experience...who knows.


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