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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Things are pretty awkward this year. Even though we've entered the raining season on the 9th, we haven't experienced much rain this month, while rain continuously poured in May. Anyway, although I will not state the reason why, I dislike Tuesdays...and according to the calendar, today was a Tuesday.

During lunch, my friend from high school treated me a bowl of ramen at this famous place in Hiyoshi's downtown as a gratitude for my assistance with his English assignments. This sort of relationship is one I cherish the most. The place had a lot of customers despite its small interior and the bowl of ramen, or tsukemen was really filling. For some reason, I met a lot of friends from high school on and off campus today...9 to be exact. Usually, I don't see as many former SFC High students, so I had a much higher encounter rate than normal.

After class, I went to the media center to borrow some books specified for the courses I've applied to in Cambridge to prepare myself with some necessary background information. Apparently, most of these specified reading materials are famous for their quality, but I felt that these materials are way too difficult for most people. Also, I found out that one of the participants took the same French class. I had a slight idea of that possibility before, but I was able to confirm that conjecture today.

Anyway, how sucky are the Japanese National Team? Yesterday's match against Australia's "Socceroos" was so...hesitatingly. Besides, I still have a lot of doubt toward that goal Nakamura made during the first half...someone (I don't remember who) was obviously obstructing the keeper. Yes, I am Japanese and it would be nice if the representatives from my country are able to perform well in the World Cup, but I don't like the way they play, or better said, their inability to score. It's so unpleasurable to watch...well, it's most probable that I don't have the right to criticize them in the first place though.


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