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Sunday, June 11, 2006


With no particular agenda in my mind, I had a slow, relaxing day off from everything today. The weather sucked like always anyway. I had a fulfilling amount of sleep, I cleaned up my room and I also was able to finish most of the assignments I had. Overall, it was a productive day...I think.

But an unfortunate and unbelievable fact revealed itself while I was cleaning...most of the times, my desktop is filled with documents and prints of all sorts and I found that it was necessary for me to organize all these junk out today. So, in order to achieve this objective, I was moving around all of these documents in order. There, I found the envelope with all the papers related to the summer school program inside.

I knew there was some kind of due date coming up, so I checked whether or not if I had all the documents in place and afterwards, I continued on reading all the instructions regarding the trip. There, I found out that my form was due on the 24th of May...yes, MAY. 2 weeks ago.

OH MY GOD...I quickly sealed my documents in the enclosed envelope and dashed to the nearest mailbox. I must call the travel agency tomorrow to confirm whether my appliance is acceptable or not. In fact, I misinterpreted the due date...I just hope the agent in charge is forgiving and flexible enough to allow the form to pass. God only knows.


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