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Monday, June 12, 2006


Phew! I was just in time for those forms I was talking about yesterday. During lunch break at work today, with full anxiety, I called the agent at JTB who is in charge of the summer school program. He was a nice guy and kindly accepted my stupidity, telling me that the procedures will be just fine. This sort of omitting is so unlike me...I guess my mind was filled with a lot of agendas then.

I didn't have much work to do today like always. If I was a bit more experienced than others, I would probably be able to do more advanced tasks, but since the variation of operations us newbies are permitted to do is limited, we are practically fighting over work. It's a bit insane, really...but my relationship with my colleagues are improving day by day and that's a good thing.

After work, in order to save money before my pay day, I again walked back all the way to Yokohama with 3 of my colleagues. Actually, the way felt pretty long compared to my subject the day before yesterday. 1.5km is long no matter how developed the area is.

At home, I did all the "office work" related to our next social meeting for the summer school program. I successfully reserved an "English pub" on Saturday for all the participants. Yes, we should prepare ourselves with some British fun prior to our departure. lol


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