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Monday, June 19, 2006

extra time

Another day at work. Nothing much to say, but I had a lot of spare time with nothing to do. This job probably pays off with highest efficiency out of all available employment opportunities. I practically sat throughout the day doing was pretty tough mentally, but physically, there probably is nothing easier and less tiring than this.

Besides that, I was in charge of phone call substitution for the first time today. At my work, people obtain authentication to make phone calls after obtaining certain amount of knowledge on products and stuff, so basically, newcomers must ask someone else who is in charge of phone calls for that time period of the day. I obtained telephoning skills about 3 weeks ago and my boss assigned me that post for the first time today. It wasn't as difficult as I thought since this post basically is an extension of compulsory confirmation phone calls we usually make. Even so, I dislike making phone calls because you never know what that client is going to ask you and there is no guarantee that you have the ability to answer that question or request with precision.

Anyway, after I came home, I checked my mails like always. After reception, I noticed that the TOEIC society had offered me a "sneak peek" at my scores for the previous round of their testing program which I took in May. With anxiety, I followed their instructions and logged in my account to check how well I did. Upon accessing that page, an awkward number showed up on my display.

990...990!? Yes, as some of you may know, this is the perfect score for this test. Last time, I got a 920, so even with the advancement of my English skills in the equation, I was expecting something like a 975 at maximum. Instead, I got a perfect score on my first attempt...unbelievable. Which of the testing programs should I take next? UNATE or instead, one of the French tests. Nah, both of these are way too difficult...maybe. Maybe not.


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