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Thursday, June 29, 2006


School, like always. According to the news, today was the first "manatsubi" this year which is a Japanese meteorological term used to describe a day that recorded a high of 30C or more. Indeed, it was a hot, humid day with its mugginess emphasized by the amount of people on campus.

The exam week is coming up and the professors are gradually explaining the format they are going to use on their finals this semester. So far, judging from the professors' explanations, it seems like Civil Law III and Crime Law II exams are comparatively pleasant while Constitutional Law exam(s) seem a bit more difficult.

It would have been another unpleasant, muggy day out on campus if it weren't for that "bonus stage" I talked about yesterday. Although it wasn't as memorable as yesterday's string of events, I was able to share some grand time together with a can of Red Bull in an empty classroom, thanks to the cancellation of my Lingustics class. Because of our class schedules, it's a bit difficult for us to arrange meets on campus, but it's really nice if we can create more opportunities to do so. Thanks!

After school, my friend gave me a copy of last year's problems for the economic science class I took this year. I must thank him as well. I just hope that the exam week comes and goes with favorable results A.S.A.P.. I mean as soon as possible...why does it have to be now when I have an agenda with utmost priority in my mind? Sigh.

Other than that, my life's been quite pleasant this month. I also hope this trend continues on as long as possible.


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