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Saturday, July 22, 2006

one more left

It's a rather rare occasion for me to go to school on Saturdays, since Saturdays are usually reserved for work. Today was my second to last exam on French, designed for the Faculty of Law students. Although the problems seemed easier than any of the predecessors, I didn't study well enough to be able to answer the questions swiftly with confidence, but I think I did fairly well.

An unbelievable thing occurred today though. A friend from my class missed that exam from his misrecognition of the testing schedule...unbelievable. This may result him with an additional year in Hiyoshi, but I hope all goes well with his negotiations with the rock headed people of the Gakuji Center.

Different topic. There's a famous social networking service in Japan, called mixi. It is an equivalent to MySpace which is based in the United States. Believe it or not, I registered with the service when I was in high school from an invitation from my friend. I had absolutely no interest in the service then, since I was more leaned toward a similar service called GREE and I had about 1 or 2 friends for a certain amount of time, with absolutely no intention of increasing the amount of "linked friends" which we call "my mixi" or "maimiku" for short.

But as time went by, more and more people found out about my existence and now, that number counts 62 and that number is forecasted to grow even more. There are some people who's got over 150 "maimiku"s on mixi, but I wonder how he/she can possibly manage that many amount of people.

It's always pleasurable when you coincidentally find someone from your past online, but I don't understand the purpose of registering people at your first sight. I don't have any intention of declining any "maimiku" offers. Nonetheless, the management of an increasing amount of linked friends are becoming tougher, day by day.

Anyway, I will enjoy this small moment off from reality, so I can prepare myself for the upcoming finale of the examination period: Constitutional Law. Ciao!


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