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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Today was a big day for me and 59 others who are participating in the Keio's summer school program to Cambridge and it was a long day indeed. It was long in real life as well.

My day began at 4 this morning, JST. I woke up, double checked my baggages and left home at around 5:30. The clock was about to strike 7 when I got to Tokyo Station. Some unexpected rendezvous occurred there, but we successfully got onboard the Narita Express and got to Narita Airport on time.

I rented an oversea cell phone along with her and prepared myself for the 11.5 hour long flight to London Heathrow. The flight was smooth, but with occasional turbulences. It was quite enjoyable since I had a lot of mates onboard with me.

Our flight landed on Heathrow 30 minutes earlier than schedule and from there, we took the bus to Cambridge, taking the M25 and M11 motorways. The weather was a bit cloudy, but was quite comfortable, compared to its Japanese counterpart.

In Cambridge, after a few mistaken turns, we got to our final destination: Downing College. Organizers and TAs greeted us with pleasure and we had our dinner in the West Lounge. Afterwards, we had a small tour around the vicinity and went to a nearby pub to enjoy some British beer to refresh our exhaustion.

With wireless LAN in place, I am typing this first entry of my trip to Britain on this blog. So far, this trip is as pleasant as it can get! What will happen tomorrow...I can't wait to find out.


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