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Sunday, January 30, 2005

endless vacuum

I've been vacuuming numerous rooms for 8 hours straight. Boring. I was planning on vacuuming my own room after my work today, but...pass. Enough vacuuming for a day.

Today was my fourth time working at the place I work now, but I'm can't understand why Japanese residence level is so low. People, I mean families are actually living in a matchbox like these. I've probably seen most of the rooms already, but they are so small! Even if a lot of mass residences are necessary to serve the population in Tokyo area, why can't designers make high rise apartments or condos with large rooms? That way, a lot of people will be able to live on a small amount of land, with a wider space. Land use efficiency is a major issue in Japan.

For example, people in Singapore enjoy larger apartment lots for a cheaper price, since their lots are bigger than the ones here in Japan. If someone is able to build a residence with a lot of large rooms for a cheap price, it could spark a new competition, where constructors compete each other, making better residences. Maybe the reason why residences are ridiculously expensive here is because of materials expense...who knows.

Anyway, I'd love to live someplace where residences are big and cheap when I grow up.


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