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Saturday, February 12, 2005

best friends

Growing up in the States, I've gradually became used to the idea of making "best friends". This "best friends" philosophy is something that doesn't seem to exist here in Japan, where everyone band up together, no matter how deep their friendships are.

Some noticable events seen in my school include people, wandering around, searching for people to go to cafeteria, stationary shop, or even bathroom during break time. Also, there are people, waiting hopelessly for someone to go home with after school, when in my opinion, it's way better off going home alone and not waste time just...waiting. Why do Japanese people group up together, even if he/she doesn't even like that person or have a loose relationship with him/her?

My mom's cousin's husband who is a Swiss and is very fond of Japan, said he disgusted this habit of Japanese, which matches my opinion. Yes, there are 237 students in the same grade, but I would just love to forget about the remaining 232 and make an unbreakable, trustful relationship with 5; a relationship I classify as "best friends". Even if I make an attempt to construct a relationship like this here, it never realizes because the whole idea of "best friends" doesn't exist in Japanese minds.

If I'm asked the 5Ws of my "best friends", I'd still say they'd be JG, OZ and SK of elementary school in Livingston, even though 5 years had passed since my return to Japan. But, I think I'm about to accomplish this objective in my school here though. I mean about to...hopefully.


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