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Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Ever since I've changed my cell phone handset, I've been making original "chaku-uta"s. "Chaku-uta" is a musical data(mainly on chorus) you can download off the internet, that takes place of what ringtones did in the past. The sound of ringtone is generated from digital scores, but "chaku-uta" is the music itself, compressed enough to make downloading possible on cell handsets.

Anyway, since it costs 105 yen a piece to download these "chaku-uta"s from official sites on i-mode, I decided to make them myself. So far, I've made "chaku-uta"s of

Seether feat. Amy Lee - Broken
Linkin Park - In The End
Daniel Bedingfield - Nothing Hurts Like Love
Dido - White Flag
The Rembrandts - I'll Be There For You
Daft Punk - Something About Us
Evanescence - Taking Over Me

With further research, I've found out that it's possible to attach video on to "chaku-uta" files and make them "chaku-motion", which is basically a "chaku-uta" with graphical data attached on., I've made a "chaku-motion" of the Original FRIENDS' Intro(The Pilot)! Now, when someone calls me, 6 of my favorite fellows begin dancing on my cell screen, front or back, depending on its position.

It's awesome! Copyright? Within private use, right? lol


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