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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


I've started this blog as an assignment from Mr. Kringle in alpha class of my school. In 2nd term, URLs for every single "alpha blogs" were given out, meaning that every alpha student in my grade should know where this blog is located on the web. Some may even be reading this blog. I have a question I want to ask to all you returnee students, in case you people are reading this crap on a daily basis.

As I've written on my introduction, I lived in New Jersey. New Jersey indeed is a state heavily populated by Japanese people, but I lived in a town called Livingston, which was a municipality with a Japanese population of 4: just my family. This is the reason why I was isolated from Japanese culture for 6 years.

In New Jersey, most Japanese prefer living in Bergen county in towns such as Ridgewood, Englewood, Cresskill and Fort Lee, just as in New York, most Japanese prefer living in Westchester county, in towns such as Scarsdale, Rye, Harrison and White Plains. Greenwich in Connecticut is also known for high Japanese population. Same thing applies to Los Angeles, where a lot of Japanese live in Irvine.

Is there anyone in my grade, who's lived in a town with no Japanese population besides your family for a certain period of time? I did visit Fort Lee often to get Japanese specialities once in a while, but I've never interacted with any Japanese element in my school during my life there.

I would like some comments, although I believe no one continues to check these "alpha blogs" out. It's worth a try though.


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