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Friday, February 04, 2005

priceless treasure

I was visiting Kita-Shiga in Nagano Prefecture for 3 days with my best friends on a snowboarding trip. It was my first time snowboarding but since my teacher was so easy to understand, we were all able to board down an intermediate course in just 2 days, without us having to enter a boarding school. The weather was kind of "blizzardy" throughout our stay but because of it, the snow on the course remained powdery, so it didn't hurt at all no matter how we fell. I would like to rest well today, to cure my muscleache. lol

The trip was great! Yes, snowboarding was an exciting and a fun sport to do, but the members of contributed a lot to the memorableness of this trip.

It really is a weird connection. We banded together to achieve this same goal for our first time this year, but we don't really have any obvious link that connects everyone beside "Bunkasai". But who really cares about origination? It all began in June with the fireworks display, continued on with the Kamakura field trip, "Mezamashi TV" recording, "Bunkasai", countless dinners at Denny's, Christmas Eve, my birthday party and this trip...all of the great memories I have for this year have these great fellows in them. It's really comfortable to be together with them...indescribable by words.

I was finally able to obtain a priceless treasure out of my school in my third year. We all are heading for a different faculty, but I would like to maintain this fabulous connection I fortunatelly was able to find with my utmost effort. Next up, cleaning!? lol


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