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Thursday, February 10, 2005


237 students, including me, gathered in front of 2A classroom today for the faculty announcement. I was admitted to the Department of Law in the Faculty of Law, which was my 1st choice ever since I got into the high school I go to now.

Rumors were right. Departments in the Faculty of Law had a lot of applicants, which means that competition was tough. I was able to find a lot of people who were unable to make it into the Faculty of Law, based on facts I've heard prior to the announcement.

When we look at the Faculty of Law as a whole, more than half of the students are from the Alpha class which is a really high ratio, considering the fact that Alpha students consists of 25% of the grade. This "Alpha" preference was also one of the famous rumors related to faculty recommendation. Also, high ratio of girls were noticable in the Faculty of Law departments. Did this phenomenon occur just because Alpha students do better on English proficiency test or are we actually being treated with preference? We may never know, but...curious.

Headmaster's talk really was memorable. "The chosen ones..." I'm definately going to meet the desires casted on all of us Department of Faculty students. I promise.

Last but not least. Whether you are going to spend another 4 years together with me or not, keep in touch!


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