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Saturday, April 29, 2006

golden week

Here in Japan, the week starting from April 29th is called "Golden Week".

This week is basically a week where many national holidays are concentrated in. April 29th is Green Day which was Emperor Showa's birthday and it is going to be renamed to Showa Day, starting from next year. May 1st is May Day for laborers and May 3rd is Constitution Day; the day our "new" constitution went into force in 1947. May 4th a national holiday which is going to be replaced by "new" Green Day. Last but not least, May 5th is Children's Day.

Yes, I always wonder why Japanese holiday doesn't have anything to celebrate or commemorate about. Anyway, because of this, this "Golden Week" brings people outdoor for no apparent reason. Wherever you go, whichever way you look, all you see is people, thanks to ridiculous concentration of population which is one of the most proud records this country possess.

Personally, I disgust this holiday season. You can never get things you usually can done. Public transportations are late, you have difficult time just walking through station corridors and so on. Nevertheless, it is probably my status that allows me to say such stuff. I am a student after all with a lot of free time. For average laborers, these long, continuous holidays are precious and that fact must be respected.

It would be really funny if Green Day is actually renamed and called gurin-dei with its purpose to commemorate numerous achievements of a certain American punk rock band. People all over the nation will be chanting one of the songs from "American Idiot", "Nimrod" or whatever. Now THAT would be a "Holiday". Hehe. Just kidding. Happy Green Day. lol

P.S. No, I am not a hardcore Green Day fan.


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