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Saturday, September 16, 2006

a day out

After a week long interval, we finally got together in Odaiba/Tokyo Disney Sea yesterday and went around all over the place, together.

Even though I had failed to occupy my family's car, it was fortunate that the weather remained stable, despite the weather forecast. Odaiba was filled with foreign feeling shopping facilities and the existence of familiar Zara and Accesorize stores made me think that I was back in Britain. Odaiba was quite vacant since we were there during noontime on a weekday, but I believe that we successfully went around most of the sightseeing spots there.

After Odaiba, we moved over to Maihama and walked around Ikspiari for a while, prior to our fun in Tokyo Disney Sea. They had completed the construction of their new attraction, "The Tower of Terror " in the American Waterfront section of the park and this excited us very much.

Although the Tokyo version of the attraction did not follow the Twilight Zone theme that had been taken in other Disney parks worldwide, its plot was not as bad as I had initially expected...but I hate curses and those stuff.

We skipped the Bravissimo show, but were able to go on most of the rides we planned to go on and overall, it was a great day out.


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