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Thursday, September 21, 2006

hara museum of contemporary art

With a sudden notice, we went to a contemporary art museum located in the Shinagawa district of Tokyo yesterday. I am quite fond of modern art and I have visited the Museum of Modern Art in New York and Tate Modern in London when I visited these two cities, respectively.

The building used for Hara Museum of Contemporary Art was a former residence of some entrepreneur of the Showa era. This compact museum held works of "ultra modern art" that were mostly made in the 2000s. I favored this work of art that was composed of LEDs that counted up numbers in different speeds and a cube with some plastic dots, shown on the photo above.

Our stay there was only about an hour long, but with its interesting collection, I was fulfilled to the utmost. Afterwards, we walked back to Shinagawa station and had lunch in the newly made commercial facility with a New York like atmosphere. The pasta lunch we had there was quite fulfilling and filled our stomachs as well.

Fortunately or unfortunately, since we didn't have time to make a specific plan, we ended up in an IMAX theatre located nearby and watched "Superman Returns". I have seen some other IMAX screens elsewhere in the United States, including the one in Liberty Science Center, but this screen with its 3D enabled film was awesome!

It was a great day out as always and I felt that I was able to obtain a bit more geographical information about Shinagawa.


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