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Thursday, November 30, 2006


My past had made sudden reappearances during the past few days. Peculiar reunions, both virtual and real had temporarily brought me back to those memorable days of middle school. It all began when a classmate from junior high sent me a registration request on mixi. I have had few encounters with some middle school friends on mixi, but I never expected her to be online as well. Although I haven't talked to her yet, some pics she posted on her diary appealed how much she's changed over the past 5 years.

The other rendezvous occurred today. There was this guy I used to talked to a lot in cram school. He was the first "authentic" returnee I met in Japan and we used to have foreign life talks that are "tabooed" tacitly in Japanese society. I had known that he advanced into Keio Academy of New York upon his parents' transfer to New York and that fact leads me to a conjecture that he would be around on campus. To be honest, I have witnessed a guy who looked just like him on campus before, but that guy's height which was much taller than my friend I had known in cram school, prevented me from confirming my guess.

Well, he was the one who broke the ice today. I was surprised when I saw the "suspect" at a convenience store in Zushi. He remembered me after all. We talked quite frankly there for about 20 minutes and updated our backgrounds through it.

It's quite strange when someone who you thought had disappeared into the past suddenly shows up in front of you. The Coming-of-Age Day ceremony is coming up. It's rather tempting to see how everyone is after 5 years since graduation.


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