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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

united arrows

Lately, it is getting more and more difficult for me to participate in some meaningless lectures I have applied to this semester. Concentration of these classes on Wednesday and some other favorable factors rewrites the fundamental reason for me, a student, to go to school. Although I did make a visit to Hiyoshi, I had achieved nothing academically. Nonetheless, according to the forecast, today was supposedly the last day with sufficient sun and warmth, so I guess my judgment was correct.

After having a delayed lunch at Yottekoya in Hiyoshi, I went to Yokohama to rendezvous with my mother for some Christmas shopping. There are two occasions a year where my mother buys me clothes; summer and winter which overlaps with my parents' "bonus" seasons.

I brought my mother to Lumine in Yokohama. I had always favored United Arrows for its line of clothings which usually matches with my taste. Strangely, for some reason, I am not as attracted to their selection this year, so I made my purchase at United Arrows Green Label and Beams instead. It is quite strange for me to wander around for clothes like this, but the research I had done in Machida came in handy.

In total, my mother bought me two pairs of pants and a sweater-like shirt. I may look quite different with this coordination, but I am satisfied with this change of image, since the majority of the clothings I wore previously were composed of dark colors. A fresh new start...I can't wait to expand my collection, with a different attribution.


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