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Sunday, December 03, 2006

casino royale

Upon my friends' invitation, I decided to go watch the new 007 movie Casino Royale. To be honest, I really liked the new James Bond. He's a great actor, he's handsome and above all...he's awesome. It is against my will to post a spoiler here, so I will let you imagine about the movie which was quite entertaining. This was supposedly a prequel to all the Bond movies in the past, when he was promoted to the 00 status.

Roppongi Hills was quite beautiful as well, filled with LED illumination. I have always favored its illumination as well and have visited it at this time of the year for 4 consecutive years since its opening.

We had lunch at an Irish bar in the complex and talked about various matters there, nibbling on fish and chips. The movie was great...thanx for the invitation. I hope we can visit London again next September...200,000 yen will be my goal.


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