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Friday, December 17, 2004

a beautiful mind

I watched two Oscar-Winning movies two days straight. As I've stated yesterday, I watched "The Pianist" yesterday night and I just finished watching "A Beautiful Mind", which starrs Russell Crowe.

Some of you may already know, but I totally disgust mathmatics. "A Beautiful Mind" is indeed a movie about this Nobel Prize winning mathematician named John Nash and how he suffered schizophrenia...luckily, at least for me, you don't have to know anything about math to enjoy it. His wife, Alicia is so she cared him, even though he was pretty messed up from the disease.

It's amazing how these actors/actresses are able to act out all sorts of characters, especially characters that are bit "weird" from a normal perspective. John Nash is certainly a genius, but also, "peculiar", "unsocial" and "nerdy" at the same time. The moves and the way Russell Crowe talked in the movies was quite realistic and was really breathtaking. Similarly, I like how Leonardo DiCaprio acted out Gilbert Grape(Johnny Depp)'s brother, who is mentally weak in the movie "Gilbert Grape".

I wonder what shall I watch next, now that I've seen all of the unseen movies on my PC...


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