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Sunday, December 19, 2004

bang and olufsen

I bought an earphone shown above today, from this audio maker that originated in Denmark, called Bang and Olufsen. I'm not an audio maniac, but I decided to buy this ridiculously overpriced earphones from it's design...I've written about how design oriented I am before, right? lol

Not just design, but it's usability is another part that I think it's worth the price. You can adjust the earphones' shape, so it fits your ears nice and comfortable. I didn't really know how the sound quality was, besides the fact that they were made by the world-famous B&O, which were known for their quality. To be frank, the sound quality's just...GREAT, uncomparable to iPod's earphones. It's clarity...amazing. Let me give you an example.

I have this album released by a world-famous saxophonist, Kenny G, called "Miracles", which features all these holiday songs, played solo on a sax by him. It's one of my favorite holiday albums. Well, you know how you press these button kinda thingies on them in order to change the note you play on brass instruments? You can hear the clicks, which was something I've never notice before on my Altec Lansing speakers or the iPod earphones I used to use. This really shocked me. lol

I really adore their CD players too. It's design is awesome...if I could afford 352,800 yen on it. I hope I can earn enough, so I can live in a house, being surrounded by superior audio quality produced by these great products. lol


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, B and O look great their designs are awsome but there are many other brands with better audio response. But i bet they were better than the i pod ear buds - bleh. If you like saxophone music check out Michael Brecker.

9:29 PM  

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