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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas 2004

It was a wonderful day today, out in Odaiba, except for the fact that it was a bit too crowded, mainly with couples and families. I watched "The Terminal", since I wasn't able to do so yesterday. The movie was really "Spielberg" and it resembled me a little of "Cast Away" in my opinion. But overall, I enjoyed it very much. Movies that take place in New York always move my heart for some reason. I was emotional today on one of the scenes in "The Terminal", again.

The skyline seen from Odaiba was lovely with Tokyo Tower made into a giant candle stick like last year and Rainbow Bridge with its green lights and cars' red taillights making Christmas color. It was a little unfourtunate that it was cut short a little, but either way, I had a fabulous time!

Merry Christmas for some people,
Happy Holidays, everyone!


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