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so・lil・o・quy/- n. [C,U] a speech in a play in which a character talks to himself or herself, so that the audience know the character's thoughts.

Friday, May 07, 2004

I'm not going to say anything specific and I can't describe it well enough in words, but this "thing" which I thought was really nice and heartwarming happened today, which helped me get out of the quicksand of melancholy in a great amount. If you're looking at this by any chance...thank you very much.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

an effective use of a vocab i learned off "The Gulliver's Travels"

Melencholic period. It comes monthly, always between the 1st - 10th of the month. I guess it's triggered on again... wonder why...what is this? Why am I so upset about something so small? It's a piece-of-cake on normal occasions and it definiately wouldn't trigger anything, DEFINITATELY. But it's a big one...compared to the ones before...this totally sucks :'-(

Wednesday, May 05, 2004 it just me???

I don't know why, but I've decided to write and post this "profound" entry. I can't resist this anymore. Besides, no one is actually visiting this blog anyway...well, here's the story.

This has happened before...and I think it's happening again.
Let's say there's this individual that you were...well "interested" in. That personnel always resided within your mind for some particular "reason". Now with the conditions necessary for the phenomenon set, you go and have your everyday life, with or without any consciousness toward that specific someone and guess what happens? You start noticing things you normally wouldn't that resembles that person directly or indirectly, retracing that individual in your mind. How's really funny isn't it?

1st case; You suddenly notice that the name of this geographical location you see from the train you take everyday matches the name. I mean you actually take this train almost everyday! But you notice it for the first time after you have this "interest".
2nd case; You are standing on the train, staring at the lines' guide for no particular reason, maybe as a resource...and there. You notice that there's a station name that resembles the person. Come on! There are like hundreds of stations operated by JR! Why would you just suddenly notice that one particular station?
3rd case; You go eat at this restaurant and you skim through the menu, as everyone would do at a restaurant. As your eyes go up and down on the menu, you find the name of the chef in charge of the specials written on the menu. Bingo. The name matched. This case, made me smile damn bitterly, along with the strongest chills I've had in years. What if we went into a different restaurant that day instead of that one? What if the chef in charge of that day's course was different? I mean how many chef are there at a restaurant that large? Coincidence after coincidence? Too coincidnetial to think like that.

I mean how ironic can things get??? What's common in all of these three cases is that the name is not an common, ordinary name, like "Smith" or "Suzuki" that you see or encounter everyday. I believe it's more like one in a million...I'm not going to specify which one was which, but these three cases include both the first and last name. Am I being teased by an almighy power of somekind or is it just me seeing illusions? Is it just a plain coincidence? I guess I'll never know...oh, one last thing. Please forbear any questions related to this entry if anyone, by any chance, sees this post...thanx.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

j'adore des collines de Roppongi!

Buon Giorno! As I've said on my last entry, I indeed did visit Roppongi Hills yesterday with my family. The "Golden Week" this year is supposed to be one of the longest ones possible, with the holidays lined up perfectly on the calendar. I, along with everyone in my family would've prefered a vacation abroad, but our trip this year ended up in Roppongi Hills in Tokyo as a substitution to an oversea trip.
As the beginning of this blog shows you, yesterday was really "Italian". Let's start from the very beginning...

We actually visited this department store in Futagotamagawa first, by my mother's request. They were having this "Golden Week" campaign or something, which attracted my mother. We arrived at the place at around 11am and wandered around the mall for about 2 hours. Nothing really interested me much, since it was...obviously, a department store...but my mother on the other hand, seemed to have enjoyed searching for the things she deserved although she didn't purchase anything. My father...I think he had his own time also.

After walking around all the floors my family was interested in, we went up to the restaurant floor and went into this Venezian Cafe, which supposedly was the only branch out in Japan. We each ordered coffee and some food. I had espresso and focaccia sandwich. The espresso was really rich, like nothing else I've tasted in Japan. The crust of the focaccia was great also. Then, we left for Roppongi Hills.
We drove up the Rt. 246, passed by the Shibuya Sta., continued driving under this highway thing and arrived at Roppongi. It was 2pm.

Man, the amount of people there was C-R-A-Z-Y! It was my 5th visit to Roppongi Hills, but I've never seen this many people out there. Including me, my family totally disgust crowds. But since we've already deceided that we were going to have dinner there, we looked around for a place to have dinner right after we got there. With so many selections available, we walked around the restaurant floor multiple times, but with my request, which was Italian, we were finally able to decide the place. After the choice was made, we went up the tower and saw the MoMA exhibition. My so. I've already seen the whole MoMA in NY before, so the impressions I've made toward the pieces were not as fresh compared to my first sighting. It was 6pm when we finished the exhibition...dinner time!

Please look at the menu for the explanation of what I ate there. But one thing is for sure...I TOTALLY LOVED IT! J'adore le cuisine italien! Thank you! Unfortunately, I can't describe it in was totally different from the stuff I've ever had before. The dishes were beautifully served, the taste was fabulous and...oh yeah the environment was awesome too! It wiped out all the stress I've gotten from the amount of people. Well...I've got to calm myself down. I am looking forward for our next dinner, wherever the place is going to be, and also my next visit to Roppongi Hills.

Oh yeah, one last thing. I saw Antonio Inoki, the wrestling guy walk into the restaurant, when we were just about to leave. I'm not interested at him or wresting, but maybe it's something I should write about... Well that's all for now! Ciao!