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so・lil・o・quy/- n. [C,U] a speech in a play in which a character talks to himself or herself, so that the audience know the character's thoughts.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

packing and lazy

Tomorrow, I'll leave for a week long trip to Bali, and the suitcases were brought to the airport today in advance. It will be our first visit. I've heard that things are great there. and my expectations are high. And, it's our first visit to Asia, a totally new experience awaits us. lol Besides packing, I didn't do anything important enough to write about here. Just another plain old, boring, "nothing-to-do" day of the summer. My lazyness sparks on a day like this. lol

This morning, I had a little conversation with someone. I don't know the direct reason why we've reached the topic we talked about, but
I thought this "philosophy" she said during that conversation was really fascinating.
"There's a reason or a cause to everything."
I though it was really mystical, and logical too in someways. This is going to be another addtion to my "book of logics". lol

I'm probably going to make another post before departure tomorrow, but bye for now!

Friday, August 06, 2004

misbehaving pcs

Today was our first editing day. Could it be anymore exciting...well, it was, until I found out that those marvelous PCs mankind has invented is not as nice as we've thought. It took us the whole morning to just capture the movie data from the tape. What can you expect, it took us the whole afternoon to chop those captured data into convinient pieces.

This is our first project we plan on editing. A lot more still awaits on the "ToDo" list. I wish the experience gained from today will be useful in the future editing related projects, such as the ethics video. lol

From today's work, we were able to cut off the needed part from the other useless footages. The total data size was about, isn't it? We booked the machine again on the 17th to actually start making the clip we plan on airing. The content? Please look forward to it. lol

Last, but not's MIP(Most Impressive Person) was either "the girl who was clicking her tongue, whenever the PC didn't meet up with her desire", or was "the girl who was making an appearance in the CM from the 4th grade". If you're seeing this by any chance, yes it's you.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

the quiz tournament

Woah...what a day! Those hour-long naps on the Yokosuka Line...I mean, the 24th Annual High School Quiz Tournament! This plan started out as a joke in this particular day in June.
Someone "Hey, let's apply to the quiz tournament!"
Me "(Laughing) Yeah, okay!"
This easy response made my me, has brought Kai, Tomotaka and I to Tokyo Dome today. Well, actually three more people, who were Subaru, Soma and Mina "joined" us later on. What kind ofcombinations are we? lol

As we've expected, the questions given were quite difficult. First two problems were given to us at the same time.
The first OX question was
"Japanese nationals are able to work in the White House, in the States.".
The second question was
"Succesive Japanese PMs and American Presidents are most likely the eldest son of his family.".

From some of the definitions written on the "Koujien", our teams concluded that the answer to the second problem was an X. The tougher problem for us was the first one, and we used us most of our time on that by searching, calling, and looking up. From our knowledge of the American social background, we've concluded that it also was an X. When we reached the gate for the X selecters, we couldn't sight any of the famous "Quiz Club" members, which lost our confidence.

As a result, we're able to enjoy the long event prior to the answer, and our answer to the first question was correct. Everyone on the X side, including us screamed with joy. But right after the answer to the first question was announced, they announced the answer to the second question...which was an O. Darn! At least we were able to enjoy the event, and collect the video footages we are going to use for the ethics assignment.

After we retired the quiz tournament, we all went to the batting center nearby, and had a little fun there. Everyone batted at least once, and enjoyed pitching or tennis-ing for the second time. Today, as a whole was a great day. It turned out that this week is one of the most busiest week of the summer holidays. Tomorrow, we've booked the editing machine in school. I'm going to have to wake up at 6:00....darn. lol

Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Today was our filming for one of our culture festival projects. The project is still confidential among us, so I will not write anything specific, but Tatsuro...what a wonderful job. You're the best! lol Well, not just him...everyone. Thank you for your participation on a hot day like today! I think we were able to take the footages necessary for the editing.

We were planning on editing in the Fujisawa City Library. But there was this large, analog, and boxy machine in the editing room there, and we weren't able use the tape we used to take our footages. One of the books placed in that room was dated '89. It seems like we are about the same age. lol Because of this incident, we went back to school, and reserved the editing machine in our school. From this, we are meeting again on the 6th to start editing in earnest.

I usually never "go back to school" in a case like this, meaning that I normally don't pay for anything wasteful like this. But today, I actually went back to school after we found out. Although these expenses may be
apparently wasteful, they weren' least for today. After we reserved the editing PC, we chatted in the library lobby until it's closure. It was entertaining, and it definately was worth the bus fee. Oh yeah, throughout the day, the "lively girl" with the scooter was' s quite a rare existiance in our world of 2004. lol

p.s. Tomorrow is the quiz rally! We'll do our best. lol

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

it was supposed to be our "camp"

My teammates for the "High School Quiz Rally" came over today, to make up plans for the upcoming event. Well, the outcome was quite clear. We didn't do anything related to the quiz; studying, researching and tactics kinda stuff. Oh yeah, like we didn't know that that was going to happen. All we did was...please don't ask. lol

It was fun at least. That's the part that counts the most! The quiz? We'll do, we'll do.

Monday, August 02, 2004

sorry! we're closed

Okay folks, listen to this. After I woke up today, I took my bike to the city library. The weather was not too hot, and was bearable with the breeze. It takes about 10 min. on bike to the library. Upon arrival, I noticed something that was different from my last visit...bikes that were parked there last time were not there.

This bad idea flashed through my mind. Let's see, what day is it today...? MONDAY! Oh yeah, like I didn't know...unfortunately, I didn't have it tracked. I already knew that our library was closed for sorting on Mondays. How lame? What a waste of time! :-( Luckily, I had an offer from my friend today to go visit the library in Totsuka with him tomorrow. The stock of books should be larger there than our library. Maybe I'll go visit Tsutaya for some movies also. It was an unlucky and lucky day. BORING!

Sunday, August 01, 2004

finally! lol

Finally! Today, I actually started writing my rough draft; about 1,000 letters out of the necessary 12,000 for now...the dreadful graduation thesis may not be that tough after all. jk Who cares about others? I'll just begin and finish with my pace. :-)

Along with the "project"'s beginnning, I talked about my
selection of the desired faculty with my parents. They seemed to understand my will and goal well, and from their reactions and comments, I think I was able to get their acknowledge.

A week more till our vacation. I just can't wait!