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so・lil・o・quy/- n. [C,U] a speech in a play in which a character talks to himself or herself, so that the audience know the character's thoughts.

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Let's see...where did I left off? I was unable to make an entry for the last 2 days, so I guess I will do so now.

27th - My workaholic week began. 11 days have passed since my last shift and I had some difficulty catching up with everyone. Fortunately, I didn't completely forget the knowledge necessary for this work, but some specific details were lost through the overwriting process of other academics. Yes, I have made a lot more errors than before. Some more effort maybe necessary. Afterwards, I went shopping for an voltage converter in Yokohama and brought it home. At home, I did the usual stuff and had some conversations online with few people. I must not forget the fact that I made my first phone call to Ireland to reserve ourselves a place to stay. It was a bit difficult due to an unfavorable signal situation in my room, but the beds are reserved indeed and the payment was taken off my credit card. Next up: plane reservation.

28th - Another day at work. I will skip this part, since it's not interesting at all. After work, I headed for Shibuya to commence one last convivial meeting for the Summer School Participants. I must say...I was quite clever to reserve a place where cancellation fee was unnecessary. 8 people had cancelled their participation on that day and it was a bit tiring for me to grasp the chaotic situation on attendance. The party itself did go well, but I was sleepy throughout the day from all the hassle with reservation the day before. Things went quite well until I had made that awful error in the secondary party...

29th - I was in a state of self-disgust, regret and guilt simultaneously all day long during work. Work was as usual with all the boredom and an early dismissal. Unfortunately, I was so exhausted after work that I didn't possess the strength to bring myself over to SFC where my friends were having their a capella concert. I must apologize for this as well.

I guess that's about it. Tomorrow's another lame day at work. I would rather bring out my suitcase and begin packing for those upcoming glory in Britain, but I need the money and the time to make that money Boo hoo.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


The exam week has ended for all students in Keio today. For all of you who had their final exam(s) today...otsukaresama!

As for me, I was in the university media center the whole day along with who others, trying to plan out our trip to Ireland we are going to take during our stay in Cambridge. Using the web, I researched and calculated the necessary time and fee to get there. Although some people have cancelled their participation from its price tag, I am really looking forward to this trip to a country I have never been to before. Only if the U.K. had introduced Euro within its borders...I may have had a lot easier time converting the currencies. Oh well. It was a tiring, but a fulfilling day for me since I am fond of planning stuff for some reason. I hope all goes well with the lodging reservation and the payment. Wish me luck.

That conversation was quite blushing, but I have absolutely no doubt about those feelings I listed up. Man...I am one, happy guy!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


The testing period's finally over and my summer vacation has begun! My anticipation toward this summer vacation's probably greater than any other summer vacations in the past, all because of my month long visit to Britain. To be honest, I can't deny it's expensiveness, but it's probably going to be worth the price. A lot of plans...I can't wait!

But prior to my departure, I am going to be a workaholic to make the money I can spend in U.K. This week is probably going to be longer and tougher than the exam period itself, but I must bear all the labor-goodness that is attributed with this work week.

For now, I need some sleep...actually, a lot of sleep. The time I finally got to sleep last night was 5, in the morning. Tomorrow's going to be my first, direct step toward Britain and I'm probably going to plan my trip to Ireland which I am planning on making during my visit there. This planning stage should fulfill my anticipation temporarily. Nightie night, for now...

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Today was a day designated to eat unagi, based on Japanese chronology which is loosely based on Earthly Branches. I was surprised to see how eels were sold alive at a nearby supermarket. From this action, you may think that I went there to go buy some eels, but dinner today was barbecue. lol

Whenever I see unagi written in alphabet, I instantly remember an episode in FRIENDS where Ross was so obsessed with an imaginary Japanese state of total awareness which he called unagi. This was so difficult to understand, because there is no such culture in existence and unagi basically means "eel" no matter how you define it. Nevertheless, I enjoyed that episode quite well! Well, I should get back to studying once again for my last exam this semester. Adios.
Ross: Well, of course you can defend yourself from an attack you know is coming. That's not enough. Look, I studied karate for a long time, and there's a concept you should really be familiar with. It's what the Japanese call Unagi.
Rachel: Isn't that a kind of sushi?