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so・lil・o・quy/- n. [C,U] a speech in a play in which a character talks to himself or herself, so that the audience know the character's thoughts.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Basically, I am sick of typing thing on keyboards, since that what I do at my new work. Can you imagine yourself typing in product numbers and specifications of contact lenses 6 hours a day? Even though I did say I like the part that I always had something to do unlike my other job, it's obviously tiring to stare at and punch in strings after strings of numbers into computers.

I woke up at 7 this morning and began my work at 9. My shift lasted up to 17, although the it originally was up to 17:30. Yes, my office ran out of ordering sheets which I devote my time and computer skills to input, without errors.

After I got out of work, I came home and celebrated my sister's 15th birthday at an Italian restaurant located in my town. My family and I ordered a lot of appetizer and entrees and enjoyed some descent food there. The wine and lemoncello I ordered there is making me a bit drunk, but it's okay as long as you're no addicted to alcohol or anything.

Nevertheless, currently, my life consist of sleeping, eating, drinking and working...hmm, I'm heading straight toward diabetes. My grandfather's got it, so I just hope I won't get it easier from genetic cause. Blah.

Friday, March 17, 2006


From today, I'm officially an office worker with my own cluster. The office is located inside Queen's Tower of Minatomirai district of Yokohama with a great view of the earth below. Technically, I was still in my training period today, but I actually did some of the business they do there and was paid well for my service.

The great part about this job is that I consistently have something to do and I have a great environment to work in. Sitting, typing, drinking and it's gotta a decent break. I can't really write anything specific about my job there due to an accord I had to sign prior to my hiring.

That's about it...I've just got to work hard to pay back my debt to my parents.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


This state of lack of interest has got to stop. Even since I left behind all my worries and anxieties in New Jersey as a result of a fresh, carefree relationship I was able to experience there, I had been really cool and uninterested in people that surround me. Sure, I hated interference and I still do now, but I haven't been this uninterested in human relationship ever.

For example, whenever I saw stuff that were really profound on blogs, mixi diaries and/or MSN, my network of nerve cells inside my head popped up all these hypotheses and conjectures that kept my thinking all night long. But now, no matter how many times I witness an apparent "data date" on MSN between some people whom I know, I don't really give a shit anymore. Yes, I've heard that they've got a decent relationship going on in between them, it's non of my business after all, as long as they don't spread the news with me. I feel so left out from the world, the world I believed was filled with trust and good relationships. Nevertheless, these guesses all derived from my imagination, so the trustability of this "fact" is uncertain.

Anyway, this state of consciousness has significantly eased my nervousness and unnecessary competitiveness, rivalry I had against others ever since I began worrying about the timespan I had been stuck in this "pit hole" and my unsuccessful evacuation attempts out of it. However, as a result, a completely new concern regarding this matter. My unwillingness to do so.

Well, life probably is full of hills in which he/her must discover ways to overcome. This probably is one of those hills I ended up in at this time period of my life. As for now, I'm feeling fantastically well and I wouldn't give a shit.

For now, I still enjoy the epilogue of my trip to New Jersey, watching FRIENDS, listening to music and reading The New York Times Bestseller I got off amazon. State of Fear is quite interesting...I like the way how a lot of American thrillers are written with agility. The plot opens up one after another with a great tempo. I can't wait to finish this 600+ pages long masterpiece, by Michael Crichton. Bye for now.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

white day

Here in Japan, we have this weird custom called the "White Day." I've heard that there's an even weirder custom in Korea, called the "Black Day".

Anyway, today, March 14th was that day. The basic principle is this. In Japan, Valentine's Day is a day where women must give chocolate to men to show her appreciation, whether she like it or not. Besides that, girls give a special gift to her love which kind of resembles Valentine's Day in Western culture.

Like the "chocolate" custom that is unique here in Japan, White Day is a day that was strategically made by chocolate companies to increase their sales again in March. In contrast, on White Day, guys give something special back to girl (or girls) in return of whatever he received on Valentine's Day.

Although White Day is widely recognized by most Japanese, especially in younger generations, I don't think it's practiced that broadly though. I had to work again today at my movie theater and I noticed that there were a lot more customers there than usual weekdays. When I went near the box office, I recognized that there were a lot of couples there, waiting in line to get their tickets.

The fact that I had forgotten all about the White Day until that moment gave me the chills about my lack of interest and indifference about intersexual relationship...obviously, this is not the way a college student be.

There is no conclusion to this post, but this reality made me sad, sort of. I wouldn't want to give anything too expensive, even if I am in a relationship though. lol