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so・lil・o・quy/- n. [C,U] a speech in a play in which a character talks to himself or herself, so that the audience know the character's thoughts.

Saturday, June 30, 2007


Contrary to my recent condition which I was unable to overcome, I have managed to wake up really early this morning. Well, to be honest, I did have an important agenda. I headed for Otemachi this morning, gazing at the smoggy skyline of Tokyo and vicinity from the Yokosuka Line. My purpose: an "interview" for Barclays Capital, a British Investment Banking Company.

You may have wondered why I added those quotation marks to the word "interview". It was called an interview, but it technically wasn't. I am not going to write any specific things here, but it was quite an unique process, in my honest opinion. Using LEGO blocks at an interview? Unlikely.

Anyway, I was really worried after the interview, since I was unconfident about my group's relative performance in the Group Work assessment that took place this morning. I did get a preferable call from the human resources. I got in! Yippee!

But there's more to the internship-hunting season I am currently in...I'm not getting any replies from other companies. Pooey.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

smoggy smoggy

Can someone please tell me why I have lost my ability to wake up on time? I do have an exception for this condition, but either way, I am oversleeping everyday. Yup, you have guessed it right; today was not an exception. In order to secure myself a reasonable amount of time for preparation on Thursdays, I must wake up at 8am. Unfortunately, that time was postponed to 9:20 this morning and I had just about 300 seconds to prepare myself.

In addition, I had to dash my way to the station in order to take the train I must take to get to school on time. Being the seminar leader, I must prepare the projector and the PC installed in the classroom my professor uses for his class, so being late was not an option. Usually, it takes me about 15 minutes from my house to the station on foot, but I had to get there in about 12 minutes today to catch that train. With a gray, pollution filled smog hovering above me, this run was tough. I did manage to catch the train though...I'm a bit younger than I thought. Haha.

There's nothing much to mention about the classes though, but a question arose last night during my conversation with one of my friends from the US. Why don't Japanese universities allow major switching or double major? My friend's "why? that sux" response probably reflects my opinion as well. I can't seem to find any logical reasonings for it.

Anyway, my first interview this year is coming up. What should I do to prepare myself for it? I downloaded some documents off their website, but will this do any good to the result? God only knows, I guess...wish me luck everyone! Cheers.

another es

It's well past midnight...well, this "morning"'s entry can take the role of being today's post.

It was a hectic morning. 2.5 hour long sleep was definitely insufficient to keep my mind going through another day. But I can be confident that I had lived through that fierce battle against NRI's entry sheet. Their assignment was for me to write a 2 pages long self promotion paper. This may sound simple, but it did require a lot of effort. Nevertheless, I hope I had managed to send it in before their deadline tomorrow, I mean today. That lady at the Queen's Square post office had better done her job correctly...

Other that that, it was an another dull, boring day at work. Today was a bit busier than usual; more incoming orders and a newcomer's training session had taken significant amount of work hours away from the mainstream operations.

Back home, I had made my entry into JP Morgan and took two web tests: one for JP Morgan and an another for Morgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley's test was unbelievably difficult. I am pretty sure that I have failed it. I wonder what Goldman Sachs' test is going to be like...JP Morgan's test was a bit more milder, in terms of difficulty.

Last but not least, a technical difficulty that arose in my girlfriend's MSN connection had given me a great opportunity to reunite with my American friends online on AIM. This best friend of mine rang me on AIM and we've been talking ever since. Isn't is nice to have friends abroad? I must make another attempt to visit my hometown next summer. This sort of goal is one of the main elements that keeps my motivation strong.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

once again, i'm back

Please don't ask me why I only have "I'm back" posts on this blog. The reason is simple; my previous attempts failed to give me sufficient motivation to invest my precious time in blog posting. But things have changed since March. From a lot of reading and learning I had done through various ways, I now have this strong feeling that advising me the necessity to output what I have learned or felt during that day and this space probably best suits my need. In addition, this necessity would probably fulfill my motivation and would allow me to make an entry everyday here. So I'm back, once and for all. Ciao for now, see you tomorrow! Au demain!