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so・lil・o・quy/- n. [C,U] a speech in a play in which a character talks to himself or herself, so that the audience know the character's thoughts.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

school festival day 1

School Festival 2004, day 1. Our class project, "Rokuefu Court" turned out to be a major success! What a relief! I've realized that location is an important factor that decides whether or not that projects suceeds, in terms of audience. There were so many audiences today; too much to say the truth. Our layout was not designed to accept that many spectators. We'll try our best to work on that for tomorrow.

Personally, I was glad that the "Radio" episode worked out well. I was prepareing for the worst, assuming that no one would volunteer to dance in from of the audiences, creating a really, boring case for everyone, but it was brought out well, better than "Hand Connection" episode in my opinion.

Today, I saw the brass band club, "UTOPIA" of 6D, and "Melancholy of the Reaper" of 6B. Tomorrow, I'll try to see the "Upside Down Grimm Tales" of 6C, and "Hamon" of 6A. I just hope I'll be vacant for these projects' showtimes.

Oh yeah, last but not least, I'm really excited about the party! lol

Now...there's this thing I'm really dissatisfied about lately.
I'm not seeing any freshness in my life lately, both for the good ones and the bad ones.
Everything seems readible, and I'm disgusted of myself, living through a life like that.
Of course, it's impossible for me to see what I'll be doing in 10 years, should I express it?

"Well, the results are obvious."

That is the dialogue that pops up in my head for every factor I encounter, and what's more, the result I imagine actually is the result for that matter. No, it's not like I'm abandoning or compromising anything. Yes, it could prove that I've matured mentally, and that is in fact, a good thing to know.
However, I'm would love to encounter surprises, that'll make me go like "OH REALLY?" kinda.
It would be better if I'm able to rejoice from that surprise. My current life lacks those.

Someone please betray me, in a good way. Please....especially...never mind.

Friday, November 05, 2004


Tomorrow's our "bunkasai", or Culture Festival when translated. I've been working really hard on it, ever since it's beginning to make our project a success. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow would be our judgement day for our efforts we've put in it. Our project is impossible to operate, when there aren't enough people participating in it. That's the demerit of "participating type projects" like ours, compared to "seeing type projects" like a play for example.

This year's theme is "Ripple". For your reference, 3 years ago, when I was still an outsider, the theme was "
ai", which can be translated to "love" or "I" or "eye", depending on your interpretation. 2 years ago, it was "Infinity". Last year, it was "Zero". I am and I'd always been impressed of the sense of the posters made for our Culture Festivals. Aren't they cool? lol Last year's poster had a computer GUI motifed.

Anyway, I'm currently in bad mood. Why? I'm not gonna tell you. Ha-ha. No, actually it's nothing open enough to write about here in the open cyberspace, where everyone can make access here. Especially, people in my school. Besides, no one's going to feel pleasant reading it, because it would really be complaint-like. Too bad.

Thursday, November 04, 2004


I don't think I have anything important enough to write about here today...oh yes, Bush was granted his second term today, gaining 279 electorals so far. This result from yesterday's election shows the greatest and unavoidable fault of modern day democracy; VOTERS ARE STUPID, PERIOD.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

u.s. presidential election 2004

For past 4 hours, I've been watching the election coverages of CNN, ABC, BBC and NHK. This year's presidential election seems to be closer than the one that took place 4 years ago. From the reflection of last election's impetuosity, all of the TV networks, especially American ones are being really precautious about giving out results from a predictable level.

Especially, Ohio. Even though the ballots count have finished in 94% of the precincts, they're not giving out the final result for the state. CNN had given out a "Green State", or "Too Close To Call" for Ohio for the first time since it's establishment. On the other hand, Nippon Television, based on NBC's call, said Ohio went to Bush, making Bush's electoral count to 269, but from what I'm seeing, there seems to be a 100,000 count difference between the two candidates, with about 500,000 votes yet to be counted. Yes, it's too early. By the way, the state I used to live in, New Jersey went for Kerry. New Jersey had always been a Democratic state, on a nationwide level. Well, the governor who was in office when I lived there, Governor Christine Todd Whitman was a Republican though. I'm not sure which party the current governor McGreevy is in...he's supposed to resign soon from his "confesssion".

Anyway, this map of nationwide distribution of support is really interesting to look at. In the United States, the Democratic Party's the liberal one, while the Republican Party's the conservative one. Urban areas had supported the Democrats, while rural areas had supported the Republicans for the past 50 years of so. The minorities tend to favor the Democrats. From this map, we can see that the Democrats won in the North-Eastern region, Pacific Coast Region, Illinois and Minnesota; the regions with large metropolises, such as New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

I think that the same trend was seen in the last House of Councillers election in Japan too. The conservative Liberal Democratic Party did terrible in the urban areas, while the Democratic Party did well. On the other hand, there were much more consistuencies that went for the LDP numberwise. We can definately say that the Republicans are winning from the information we see from this map, but with the electoral system in place, the more populous state the candidate gets, the more likely he or she wins.

In my opinion, if I had still been living in the States now, I'd go for Kerry, but considering the fact that I'm living in Japan now, I assume the Bush/Koizumi pair would be better for Japan's national interests. However, on a worldwide basis, things could go better off with Kerry...who knows? On a fundamental level, I would've wanted better candidates though...

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

prepareing for my secondary test...

Yes! I passed! lol

Monday, November 01, 2004


Today was the final game of the Tokyo Big 6 Baseball League, and we were forced a "cheering mission" to the Jingu Stadium again today, since it rained on the originally planned date, Saturday. Fortunately, the weather remained stable throughout the day, at least in Tokyo. It seemed to have rained all day where I live...this fact shows how far the stadium is from my house. Yeah, you can't call a place that take an hour and a half one way close, no matter how much you exaggerate it.

For some reason, I didn't feel like cheering this year, unlike last year or the year before, even though Keio was "checkmating" the league, if this expression works. It was kinda like the championship game. You know what I mean. Like if we win today, we win the league! kinda. I don't know how to express that precisely. lol Anyway, it was a lame day. I don't understand the reason why I didn't heat up today myself either. Yes, I don't like baseball, the stadium was far, the train ride was tireing, and the weather was humid...but I do cheer with or without these factors.

After the game, some of my classmates and I went to the remainder of "I Rui Thesis Completion Party". What I mean by remainder is that since the plan was brought up to the class yesterday, most of my classmates already had plans for themselves to do after the game. So, 2 of my classmates and I went to this place I found in Nishi-Azabu. No, nothing rich or luxurious...just a "chic" ramen shop I found off the internet, recommended by a lot of "ramen oriented people". lol The place was nice, comfortable, and stylish, even though it was a ramen shop...kinda like (ramen shop+nishi-azabu)/2. You imagine it yourself. lol

Sunday, October 31, 2004

happy halloween

Happy Halloween! Look, Google made it's logo halloween style too.'s one of those American traditions that American children loves. But, I was not the kind of kid who favored Halloween. I hated dressing up, I hated walking around with costumes in a parade, and although I liked "Trick or Treating", I hated all the junk food that was collected after going around the neighborhood "Trick or Treating". However, I didn't have any trouble getting rid of all that junk food I received, because my sister was really fond of them then.

Halloween is becoming more and more famous among the Japanese recently too. However, how could you call halloween "halloween" without "Trick or Treating"? That's like the best part. Unfortunately, unlike Christmas and St. Valentine's, I doubt halloween being imported into Japan like those former two Western holidays. Halloween had been authentically American, and it'll always would be.