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so・lil・o・quy/- n. [C,U] a speech in a play in which a character talks to himself or herself, so that the audience know the character's thoughts.

Saturday, August 28, 2004


It's impossible to concentrate, especially on the economic chapter, which is a factor I'm not really interested in my thesis. So for some reason, I've decided to research a bit on "mineral water" and it's hardness. The pic shows the contents of our second fridge, which is mainly used to store beverages, and currently, it is filled with this water called "Courmayeur".

There is this index which exists in all kind of mineral waters that are out in the market today. It shows the total amount of Ca and Mg included in 1 liter of that water, and is called it's hardness. The more mineral the water includes, more "harder" that water is. Water taken from Japanese springs, and Japanese tap waters are considered soft, while water from Western nations and the States in most cases, are hard. The Japanese tends to favor soft water...I like hard water though, at least for drinking. lol

Friday, August 27, 2004

mtv vma 2004

Yes! The MTV Video Music Awards is here! This year, the planned date seems to be the though those fools in MTV Japan take another "freshness absorbing" month to add on those unnecessary and place-taking Japanese captions in the footage before airing it here. By the time they air it here, all of the events that took place in the show is written all over the internet, including the results, which leaves me nothing new to watch here. How lame!!!

But last year, I was fortunate enough to visit the States when the show took place in New York, and was able to watch it live on TV. Coincidentially, my mom and I visited New York on the day of the show...I remember the areas around Radio City, especially on the 5th Avenue, being crowded enough to be comparable to Japanese train stations. The photo shows the main gate of the Radio City Music Hall, with the posters of the VMA posted in the showcase kinda thing.

One of last year's memorable events was the "Kissing of Madonna and Britney." Even if you're not interested in them, you've probably heard of it somewhere, whether you are in the States or Japan. Last year's award were dominated by black hip-hop and R&B singers, represented by Beyonce. I wonder how the trend is going to be this year...another month to wait...

Thursday, August 26, 2004

off to sea

As a great finale of the summer, I visited Ikspiari and the place shown above with...let's say "someone special". The reported forecast today was cloudy with a chance of rain, but sunshine was visible throughout the day, and my distrust against the Meteorlogical Agency is larger than ever before. Please refrain from asking "What on Earth are "Ichi-Rui" students doing in Tokyo Disney Sea on August 26th?", because the only answer I'm going to give out is "Who cares, when things are way funner?" lol

The reason why we visited Ikspiari along with the Disney Sea, is to watch the movie "Fahrenheit 9/11". What a mismatch, but the movie was funny at some part, and said things which were very conceivable.

Well, here's the list of today's "harvest".

One wrong weather forecast,
One presentation of the movie "Fahrenheit 9/11",
One ride on the "Indiana Jones",
One ride on gondola,
Three rides on the "Center of the Earth",
One performance of "Braviseamo",
One perfomance of "Disney's Magic in the Sky",
One ride on the "Aquatopia",
4 hours and 5 minutes of waiting time,


a priceless day, filled with wonderful experiences, memories and A LOT of chatting. :-)

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

rain rain go away, come again another day

The usual members gathered together again today for another day of editing. From today's work, we were able to wrap up all of the clips, so editing planned on the 30th is probably going to be cancelled. Since my goal is to finish off the thesis within August, that's a good news. My current progress is 10,489 letters. I'll make the goal...I will.

But today was a little bit more than just an editing day. While Mina was having an amazing 3 hour long appointment with Hayashi, the remaining 3+1 had no method to bring over the application I downloaded off the Internet over to the editing PCs, which made us talk continuously
about "adolscence", songs, lyrics, animal auspice, and so on. I wonder what sparked all those subjects? Hmm... Well, some seriousness, but mostly fun. Also, I think I got to know Rika a little bit today from the talk. An expantion of relationship is always welcome. lol

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

attempt 2

My second attempt in visiting the Prefectural Library has succeeded. The harvest there were 2 books and 1 research data. One of the books I borrowed there, which is called "Airport Culture and New Corporation Tactics", is full of mumbo jumbo, or in other words, economical terms. PFI? PPP? IPO? That Faculty of Economy is definately going off my wish list.

Also, in the City Library, I was able to find a book on the privatization of the JR East. JR East is fully privatized now, and is one of the superior companies on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, but 17 years ago, the company had 6.6 trillion yen of long term debts, which was 4.5 times their annual income. It's like the situation Japan, as a nation is currently situated in. Japan now has marvelous 1.2 QUADRILLION YEN(Ever heard of QUADRILLION? lol) of National, Prefectural and Municipal debts, which is twice the national GDP of the world's second largest economy. I must get outta herrre!!! It's gonna sink!!!

Oh, another thing. When I woke up this morning, the medal count has reached 15..already. I guess we still have chance of getting another one on baseball, perhaps.

Monday, August 23, 2004

peculiar day

Since I had a difficult time getting to sleep last night, I wandered over to the room next door, turned the TV on, and watched the Women's marathon 'till the end. Athens' very beautiful, don't you think? Anyway, what happened to Japan!? I mean Japan's only got 3 gold medals in the last Olympic. Is it because the Japanese athletes are doing very well, or is it because all of the other athletes are exhausted from the heat in Athens, or is it both...we could get about 15 at max, I think.

Today, I cleaned my room up, slept, ate, and worked on my thesis a little, which is, as you can see, an extremely lame day. But there were happenings around me

Sunday, August 22, 2004


I went to the Prefectural Library today!!!....well, I was supposed to. I set my alarm to go off at 7:45 last night, but as you can see on the pic above, which shows the time of my awakening, that was the time I woke up. And, since the library's closing time was 5:00 today, I didn't bother to go to Sakuragicho then.

Ah, but one good news. I was able to finish my Japanese history assignment today, which I started coincidentially from the uneagerness to work on my thesis. Most of the things written on it is either copied off the book, or copied off the internet. Either way, it's mostly plagerized, but I didn't see and prohibition on the print so it's okay, right? lol

Another thing. Having the electromagnetic wave showered all over myself, and typing things on Word for a while now, I'm beginning to feel rejection towards pcs, particularly typing...on Word. I love chatting on MSN though. lol From this, my posts on this blog may end up shorter than usual. Sorry!

That's just about it.