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so・lil・o・quy/- n. [C,U] a speech in a play in which a character talks to himself or herself, so that the audience know the character's thoughts.

Saturday, September 25, 2004


I wish I could squeeze out all the humidity...well not necessary all, but most of it out of the air, like a towel. The action would surely cause a disasterous flood in that area, but we'll bare it. All I want is a fresh autumn breeze, not the reverbation of the disgusting, humid, summer air. Yuck.

For the first time in my life, I was brought to this casual izakaya restraunt in Kamakura called Wara-wara. Unfortunately, it was not the kind of a place I favor. The food served there was not bad, but the store itself...drunken people, small compartments, way, Jose. I'm definately going to make my parents bring me to the Italian resteraunt in Kotsubo, a place I've always wanted to go, next time we feel like eating out.

After suffering the posing, smoking morons whom sat next to me for an hour, we came home. There awaited a great dessert. Cakes! There's this promise my father made to our family, which is for him to bring home (GOOD) cakes from Tokyo on his pay days. And this time, the cake was from
Queen Alice. Yes, it was delicious indeed!

My Japanese blog service is still down. I feel like making a move, once I get my hands on the old blog. That service sucks! So, the column will continue here today, again.

Famous Birthdays -September 26th-
1830/09/26 Toshimichi Okubo
1898/09/26 George Gershwin
1957/09/26 Yoshimi Tendo
1971/09/26 David Arquette
1977/09/26 Aiko Sato
1981/09/26 Serena Williams
1982/09/26 Christina Millian

Friday, September 24, 2004

bad day

Things didn't go as planned this morning. Yes, it was Tatsuya's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad morning...well, not that bad, you can see here, my car was about to be towed away by the crane dude, and I had to make a run to the police station to get my car back.

Obviously, that is not true. I don't feel like writing bad stuffs down here anyway. The keywords are "outline mistransfer" and "lack of consentration", which explains my 1st and 2nd periods today, respectively.

This did get better as time moved on though. 3rd period, normal. 4th period, self-study. 5th period, normal. 6th and 7th periods, fine. After class, better. After school, fun. That's about it.

My Japanese blog service is undergoing a renewal, so I'll post my daily column here instead!
Famous Birthdays -September 25th-
1881/09/25 Lu Xun (Chinese Writer)
1906/09/25 Dmitry Shostakovich (Soviet Composer)
1930/09/25 Shel Silverstein (American Poet : Falling Up, The Giving Tree, Where the Sidewalk Ends)
1951/09/25 Mark Hamill (American Actor, starred in Star Wars as Luke Skywalker)
1952/09/25 Christopher Leeve (American Actor, former Superman, pararized)
1968/09/25 Will Smith (American Actor, Singer)
1969/09/25 Catherine Zeta-Jones (British Actress)
1981/09/25 Shinji Uchiyama (Japanese Talent)
1981/09/25 MEGUMI (Japanese Talent)

Thursday, September 23, 2004

"kamakura field trip"

The usual folks gathered together to do some "field tripping" in Kamakura today. Weather was like summer, but it also had the scent of autumn. What's more, the weather remained stable throughout the day, again, without the interference of rainfall. Thank God. The photo here was taken from Shichirigahama beach. I think you'll be able to spot the Enoden train running on the bridge.

Our route
Fujisawa Sta. - (Enoshima) - Kamakura High School Sta. - Shichirigahama - 7-11 Shichirigahama - First Kitchen Shichirigahama - Route 134 - Inamuragasaki - Hase Sta. - Koutokuin Temple(The Great Buddha) - Zeniarai Benzaiten Shirine - Genjiyama Park - Imakoji - Komachi St. - Kamakura Sta.

After I came home, I measured the distance we walked today. It turned out to be about 9km. Wow, I'm really surprised. Another thing that surprised me today was the time. We decided to forget about time today. When we finally checked the time at Kamakura Sta., the clock was striking 5:30. Time flies when people are enjoying themselves...yeah, I didn't have to check the time to know that though. It was really enjoyable, with a lot of happenings. These gatherings are becoming our weekly custom. What are we going to do next? I

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

la classe française

My French class began for the second semester today. I love Mr. Durrenberger, or Vincent's classes. He's really easy to understand, and his efforts toward the class is easily noticable. Unfortunately, the classes are placed in the 6th and 7th periods, which extends the day passing 4pm...I know these foreign language teachers are from the university, but things would be much better if these classes can be relocated inside the "normal" schedule. For your notice, today we reviewed what we did in the 1st semester(trimester?) first, and learned the phrase "Pendent les vacance...", which means "During vacation" in English. My French skills remained better than I thought. Relief.

I'm beginning to see a lot of new iPod users in my school lately...bummer. I was the first person to actually buy an iPod in our grade, and it used to be my trademark. Well, all of the newcomers are using the newer models, or the mini, and (I think) I'm the only one using the original model, ha!

Tomorrow's the Kamakura Hiking day, a thing which I've been waiting for a while now. The "forecast" is saying that the weather for the Eastern Kanagawa region is Partly Cloudy, with a high of 30C. A bit hot and a bit humid, but not bad, eh? lol

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

it's tuesday...nothing to say

Tuesday's classes are soooo boring! Nothing to gain, nothing to write about, nothing. NOTHING! Let's see, what happened today? Yes, it rained in the afternoon, even thought the forecast had a nice, big, red, sun marked for Kanagawa Prefecture this morning. What on Earth are those useless nerds doing in the Meteorlogical Agency...this is like my 4th time complaining, but it's my honest opinion. Sorry.

Oh yeah, I made a presentation for the music class today. Result...awful. Why did I misread the word "orchestra" and said "Australia" was sooo embarassing. It did give a nice big laugh to the class though...and I'm a bit fond of that. lol Well, as I mentioned in the presentation, I'm a "light" music listener...and I can't explain music too persuasive. Oh well, what is there to say when it's already finished! lol

Monday, September 20, 2004


There was this thing I recollected today.

I hate internet.

I'm not pointing out to every single thing that consists the word internet, but what people calls internet in a narrow know, the things you do on browsers. Basically, I'm not a websurfer, which may differ from the normal image people has on me. I have rather limited amount of sites I see daily, and I don't exploitate that often either. Especially, the anonymous chacracter the internet gives to people is the part I dislike the most...this certain BBS community in Japan, I assume is the best example. There, morons insult each other, just from the images they obtain from the words that person uses on a BBS. How can you define, or judge people on the internet? The main thing I use that uses the internet technology is the messenger, and I only chat with people whom I actually know.

As blogs and social networking services are becoming more and more popular here in Japan, I have concerns over them being implanted here. A lot of these services originated in the States, a country where population density is much lower, and people don't go out alone often into public. Japan, on the other hand, most people goes out into public, alone, on a daily basis, and 25% of the population lives within 100km radius of Tokyo.

Let's say someone threatened to kill you on a guestbook of your website. The reality those words give you is much, much higher here than in the States. The possibility of you actually encountering that person here is way higher, while in the States, that person who has threatened you could live in Alaska, while you live in Florida or something.

The internet techonology has its positive side, but its negative side is much more conspicuous, at least to me. In my opinion, Arashis done over the internet is the most definitive evidence that human nature is bad....yes, I support the view that humans are born evil. Last year's class's BBS is the best example...why do people think up of these stupid messages to leave on BBSs and blogs? I just don't understand, now that I've matured to a certain level.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

tour de tokyo

Autumn Equinox's a time of the year when everyone makes a visit to their ancestors, and we weren't an expection. We drove to our cemetary in Setagaya a bit prior to Autumn Equinox Day today.

That was just one part of my trip. After the visit was finished, we drove up the Route 246 to Shibuya to eat lunch, and do stuff. The weird thing was...there were people in CENTRAL SHIBUYA, carrying around a "Omikoshi", a traditional Japanese carriage kinda thing, blocking the major streets there. Okay...our destination was the Tokyu Department Store, but since the Bunkamura St. and Dougenzaka St. were closed, we had to go left, right, up and down multiple times to get there. Everyone in my family were really pissed off...why are they opening up a festival in Shibuya, a place where flows after flows of people comes rushing in whether they like it or not? Besides, festivals are soooo mismatching.

After lunch, we were planning on seeing the Guggenheim Exibition there; however, we found out that there only were 79 paintings shown there, so we judged that it wasn't worth the price. My mom and I saw the actual thing in New York already anyway. So, we did some shopping in the department store, and after that, we drove my grandfather to his house.

That's about it...oh, for some reason, my father took the wrong turn somewhere, which brought us out to the Haneda Airport. The new terminal there were nearing it's completin.


It was a strange night indeed.
but not surprised.
I don't have any feeling of realization...yet.