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so・lil・o・quy/- n. [C,U] a speech in a play in which a character talks to himself or herself, so that the audience know the character's thoughts.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

the hub

Today was the first of few "official" convivial meetings I had planned prior to our departure to the United Kingdom. I will write all about it tomorrow when I have the stamina to do so.

...and here came tomorrow. Like all Saturdays, I had work from 9 to 17. Personally, it would have been a lot more convenient if we could have held this meeting on some other day, but I had to follow democratic procedures as the chief and democracy ruled out all the other possibilities.

As I presumed, work ended at 17. I dashed to Minatomirai Station and took the limited express to Shibuya. There, I witnessed a typical pedestrian hell...people were everywhere and it took me about 5 minutes to advance 200m from the gates to the Hachiko plaza.

Even though I had notified everyone that the rendezvous point was the Hachiko plaza, there were way too many people to reserve ourselves a space necessary to confirm all 39 participants of the meeting...bloody hell. However, thanks to the support of the earlycomers with their ideas and stuff, the plan worked out pretty smoothly despite my outlook and we were able to be there on time.

The Hub was also a chaotic place to party around in a party of 39. The place was a lot smaller than I had originally imagined and it was a difficult environment to know everyone given the amount of people there, but I believe that I was able to accomplish the original objective of this meeting. I, myself was able to memorize 17 of the members additionally there and I assume others were able to do so as well.

This is not the end of my journey as the "head" of this team, but I sort of enjoyed myself organizing this opportunity and I think the group itself is rather easy to handle. My ultimate goal is for everyone to at least understand the basic backgrounds and personalities of all the participants and I hope the upcoming meetings will add on to today's accomplishment and achieve this. Phew.

Friday, June 16, 2006


An entry before I go to sleep.

The weather was awful this raining cats and dogs, but somehow I managed to be on time for my English class. J'adore M. McLynn, mais je ne pouvais pas gagner. I wonder why it's getting more and more difficult to gain a majority in our routine debates.

Nothing is interesting enough to write...I did begin working on my final assignment for my information processing class though. From his actions and gestures, I assume that my teacher is not too specific and is flexible, so I will try to make my presentation as unique as possible to get myself an easy A. Piece of cake.

Friday's the day of solitude, but I take this characteristic as a good thing. Time flows slowly on Fridays and I get to be really at my pace throughout the day, without interruption or interference. For now, I think I should begin working on my French...languages require a lot of time to obtain. I will try to have a head start over others.

memorable day

Today was an unordinary day out of my ordinary life...I came home just now, but I'm not tired at all. Although I'm not going to write anything too specific, I will just say that I was able to enjoy myself fully at this particular restaurant in Shibuya after school.

A lot of drinking and eating, but even more chatting which made time pass at the speed of light. I can't believe I was there for 6 hours...astonishing. We got there at 17 sharp and left there at 23.

I don't understand why I am even attempting to write this down using words...quite indescribable, really. The rest of this story is up to your imagination. Ta-ta.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Wednesday's laziest day of the week with greatest inefficiency. I slept until noon today for some reason which made it really difficult for me to go to school, but I did anyway to at least be present at my Civil Law class. After an hour and a half long class, I came home...did those 2 hour long round trip mean anything at all? I must revitalize myself with motivation fast. Those cruel exams will come up in no time.

I met one of my friends from high school on my way home though and we were able to have some pleasant conversation for about 20 minutes onboard. Another boring entry consuming the precious space of cyberspace, but bear with me. I promise I will make an entry filled with joy and happiness tomorrow. For now, I'd better get working on my English assignment...ciao.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Things are pretty awkward this year. Even though we've entered the raining season on the 9th, we haven't experienced much rain this month, while rain continuously poured in May. Anyway, although I will not state the reason why, I dislike Tuesdays...and according to the calendar, today was a Tuesday.

During lunch, my friend from high school treated me a bowl of ramen at this famous place in Hiyoshi's downtown as a gratitude for my assistance with his English assignments. This sort of relationship is one I cherish the most. The place had a lot of customers despite its small interior and the bowl of ramen, or tsukemen was really filling. For some reason, I met a lot of friends from high school on and off campus today...9 to be exact. Usually, I don't see as many former SFC High students, so I had a much higher encounter rate than normal.

After class, I went to the media center to borrow some books specified for the courses I've applied to in Cambridge to prepare myself with some necessary background information. Apparently, most of these specified reading materials are famous for their quality, but I felt that these materials are way too difficult for most people. Also, I found out that one of the participants took the same French class. I had a slight idea of that possibility before, but I was able to confirm that conjecture today.

Anyway, how sucky are the Japanese National Team? Yesterday's match against Australia's "Socceroos" was so...hesitatingly. Besides, I still have a lot of doubt toward that goal Nakamura made during the first half...someone (I don't remember who) was obviously obstructing the keeper. Yes, I am Japanese and it would be nice if the representatives from my country are able to perform well in the World Cup, but I don't like the way they play, or better said, their inability to score. It's so unpleasurable to watch...well, it's most probable that I don't have the right to criticize them in the first place though.

Monday, June 12, 2006


Phew! I was just in time for those forms I was talking about yesterday. During lunch break at work today, with full anxiety, I called the agent at JTB who is in charge of the summer school program. He was a nice guy and kindly accepted my stupidity, telling me that the procedures will be just fine. This sort of omitting is so unlike me...I guess my mind was filled with a lot of agendas then.

I didn't have much work to do today like always. If I was a bit more experienced than others, I would probably be able to do more advanced tasks, but since the variation of operations us newbies are permitted to do is limited, we are practically fighting over work. It's a bit insane, really...but my relationship with my colleagues are improving day by day and that's a good thing.

After work, in order to save money before my pay day, I again walked back all the way to Yokohama with 3 of my colleagues. Actually, the way felt pretty long compared to my subject the day before yesterday. 1.5km is long no matter how developed the area is.

At home, I did all the "office work" related to our next social meeting for the summer school program. I successfully reserved an "English pub" on Saturday for all the participants. Yes, we should prepare ourselves with some British fun prior to our departure. lol

Sunday, June 11, 2006


With no particular agenda in my mind, I had a slow, relaxing day off from everything today. The weather sucked like always anyway. I had a fulfilling amount of sleep, I cleaned up my room and I also was able to finish most of the assignments I had. Overall, it was a productive day...I think.

But an unfortunate and unbelievable fact revealed itself while I was cleaning...most of the times, my desktop is filled with documents and prints of all sorts and I found that it was necessary for me to organize all these junk out today. So, in order to achieve this objective, I was moving around all of these documents in order. There, I found the envelope with all the papers related to the summer school program inside.

I knew there was some kind of due date coming up, so I checked whether or not if I had all the documents in place and afterwards, I continued on reading all the instructions regarding the trip. There, I found out that my form was due on the 24th of May...yes, MAY. 2 weeks ago.

OH MY GOD...I quickly sealed my documents in the enclosed envelope and dashed to the nearest mailbox. I must call the travel agency tomorrow to confirm whether my appliance is acceptable or not. In fact, I misinterpreted the due date...I just hope the agent in charge is forgiving and flexible enough to allow the form to pass. God only knows.

a long day

It was a long day today...a weird mixture of various events. Like most Saturdays, I had work from 9 today in Yokohama. Compared to usual business days there, we had a bit more ordering forms. However, the managers managed to make us go home at 17 like always. At work, I was daydreaming most of the time about one particular subject and had absolutely no interest toward work. I wonder why...a lot of wondering lately for some reason.

After work, I had a class party with my English classmates in Shibuya. The weird part about today's class party was that it was a joint party of last year and this year's Mr. McLynn's classes, but it was meaningful since I got to know this year's classmates a lot better through interaction.

By the way, I walked to Yokohama Station from my office in Minatomirai with my colleagues. I remembered that it was a lot farther last time, but from the obvious change in landscape, that walk felt a lot shorter. I can start saving money by walking from now on...yay!