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so・lil・o・quy/- n. [C,U] a speech in a play in which a character talks to himself or herself, so that the audience know the character's thoughts.

Saturday, November 20, 2004


I've noticed that it's possible to make subjects I dislike interesting.

This may be hard to believe, but I was able to do "THE MATH" 3 hours, continuouslly today. As a result, from the point of not understanding it at all, I was able to complete 3 out of 8 pages specified as the testing range for the final this, trimester? Whichever. The point is...I was able to enjoy solving math. Maybe not directly, but the time I spent solving those problems was definately enjoyable, and fun! Isn't it wonderful? I enjoyed solving math! lol

I'm definately going to do it again, before the finals. Definately.

Friday, November 19, 2004

another lame day in school

Nothing to say...really. Hey, isn't it beginning to get chilly lately? Like many people, I start wearing coat around this time of the year. My "coat line" is 15 degrees celcius. What I mean by this is that when the maximum temperature of the day is 15 C or lower, I wear a coat. Yesterday was the first of those days. Today, I wore it again, because I thought it was going to be cold after the classes end. Bingo.

Oh, why are rainfalls in
winter especially annoying? Temperature is definately lower with snowfalls, but for some reason, I feel really nice with snowfalls. How about you? It doesn't snow often in Kanto region though, especially the place I live, which is on the southern tip of Kanagawa Prefecture. I miss the bilizzards I've had when I used to live in New Jersey. Christmas season in New York City was cold, but was beautiful...from Rockefeller Center's Christmas Tree to the mood the whole city had.

Although NYC had these nice moods, the place I lived in the States was a Jewish community, with
70% of the population being Jewish. Jewish people celebrate Khanukah, so Christmas Tree and Illumination were a rare sighting in my town. I saw a lot of those candlestands though, whatever they're called. lol

It may seem like I'm praising the Christmas...excuse me, the holiday season in North-Eastern United States, but the illuminations in Tokyo are great too, like Roppingi Hills, my favorite. That's why I've been posting the photos of it ever since they began lighting their illuminations on the 4th. Oh yeah, I would love to see the Tokyo Millenario in Marunouchi completely, since I was unable to go through the whole thing last year...revenge! Millenario, here I come! lol

p.s. For your information, Tokyo Millenario shuts down at 9 p.m.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

faculty of law

Today was the Faculty of Law and Political Science meeting. To be honest, I didn't have much interest in the the meeting itself, even though the faculty I long to be recommended to is the Faculty of Law. I began dosing off in the midst of it, but I was able to bear the drowzyness. All they talked about was about the "Shihoushiken" and the massmedia. Oh, the good part was that I was able to know the number of people listing up Faculty of Law as one of their choices. From my count, it turned out to be around 70. The limit is 60, so...hey! What can you expect? Easy entry? Maybe. All I have to do now is to do my best on my studies, as I've promised Mr. Headmaster on Tuesday. Work, work, work! Now, I'm going to have to do something about those

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

caution:extremely addictive

Yes, indeed they are. I'm practically being glued here! Someone give me a hand, thanx. lol

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

they're here

The DVDs I was talking about yesterday! lol Now, I have 968 minutes of Roswell, 506 minutes of FRIENDS, and 630 minutes of Star Wars I must see. Even if I put the fact that I've already seen Star Wars number of times in to consideration, I've got about 25 hours worth of DVDs in my hands, 2 weeks before the finals. This is NOT good. Today, I've ripped open everything, checked the boxes and stuff, and saw some bonus footages in the Star Wars Trilogy box and the second episode of Roswell. Boy, they're sooo fun! lol No, I should just forget the whole thing...better wrap up my chemistry report, NOW!!! lol

Monday, November 15, 2004


Hello everyone. lol I've rented 7 movies this week to enjoy life before the deadly finals arrive. Technically, not 7, because my mom was the one who borrowed 5 out of those 7 movies, and I'm seeing it some of them along with her. The movies I have seen or am planning to see are "Grease", "The Good Girl", "The Pianist", "A Beautiful Mind" and "Cruel Intentions 2".

I watched "The Good Girl" and "Grease" today. "The Good Girl" starrs Jennifer Aniston, a.k.a. Rachel Greene of "FRIENDS". The movie is a love story, but was kind of gloomy and dark. On the other hand, "Grease", as many of you may know was really merrily and joyful, which really made me nice and bright. When I see these classic movies, I'm always astonished by the standard of the living the Americans had 30 years doesn't differ much from the one they're having today! I'm not saying that they haven't advanced. I'm amazed about how advanced they were and still are today.

Oh yeah. "FRIENDS" Season 8 DVDs, "ROSWELL" Season 1 DVDs, and Star Wars Trilogy DVDs are supposed to arrive somewhere between November 23rd - December 7th...which means that there's possibility of me getting my hands on them right before the finals. Oh no...they could be really irresistable. My mental strength could be tested by them...darn. lol

Last thing. I love "Last Christmas", the drama. lol

Sunday, November 14, 2004

secondary exam

Today the secondary exam of the STEP test, a.k.a. "eiken". Because of its schedule, my Sunday was could they set the time at 2pm? I mean 2pm! Smack in the middle. From this, I was unable to have a descent Sunday this week. Damn them.

The test site was Seiko Gakuin; a boy's junior-senior high school, located near Yamate station. During my standby, I was checking out the school map posted on their hallway. I was surprised about how fulfilling their facilities were, compared to my school, with an expection of ladie's room. lol They had a whole bunch of rooms, science labs, club rooms, table tennis rooms, libraries, halls, and bible research rooms! 6 of them to be exact, since it's a Christian school. The best part, I thought was that the school was only a 10 minute walk from the need for that stupid bus that we throw our fortunes to, just to take that overcrowded bus. Enough said.

Back to my exam. I'm not quite sure whether I did well on it or not, since I don't know what points they judge me on. I did try my best on pronounciation...wait, that was the only thing I could've done. The topic was easy, but it was tough thinking up of a 2 minute long speech from it, in a minute. All I can do know is pray, and wait for their evaluation, that is supposed to be sent by December 8th. If I fail this, I'm going to have to search for the 2nd Grade certificate, which I believe I've received 7-8 years ago or something. That's it for now. Ciao.